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Hello all,

i am a convicted felon and cannot find much work. i have been looking into fixing and selling computers on ebay for cash. any good tips or suggestions? i am a rookie and just barley opening books

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YouTube is a great resource to begin, as the videos SHOW you how to build a computer, but you may want to also pick up a good manual to have at your disposal. I like the A+Certification books, as they are good at teaching the basics of hardware, networking and Windows. Your local library is also a good place to find books without having to spend a ton of money. 

Best advice I can give is to get a cheap set of precision screwdrivers in a computer toolkit that has all of the prying tools and special bits you'll need to open any computer case. I'd then start taking apart and putting computers back together. Practice makes perfect. 


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You will make more money repairing PCs that you will building them and selling them on eBay.  eBay is flooded with custom builds so the % markup cant be too high.  Fixing allows for a decent markup since it is mostly your time you are selling + the occasional part.  I would focus on troubleshooting and repair of Windows and PC hardware if I were you.  YouTube is a great resource to use.

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    • By TimeShifts

      I have a 2-in-1 HP Pavilion x2 Detachable 12-b000 Notebook that will not boot up when I press the power button. Though, surprisingly, when I plug in my phone charger to the USB port and connect it to my phone, whenever I press the power button, my phone's screen would light up indicating that there is some sort of connection between my phone and the laptop but there is no phone charging happening.

      When I plug in the battery charger, there is a white light that appears next to the battery port, signalling that the battery is fully charged.

      Sometimes, though very rarely, I am able to boot up the laptop but the laptop screen has to be in a certain position. If I move it or push down on it, the laptop shuts back down. When it does boot up, it shows that the battery is fully charged, so I am assuming that the laptop's battery is working fine. The laptop also appears to always be in tablet mode whenever it is on though if I change it to laptop mode, it does not shut off or anything. The keyboard and the mouse pad works if the laptop is able to boot into Windows 10.

      I have come to deduce that it is either the screen or some other hardware. For curiosity, what could be the cause of this issue? Could it be water spilling into the laptop or just bad hardware pieces? I had this laptop for about a year now and the warranty for the laptop expired. Before I try to repair this laptop, I need to know which part is the issue.
    • By Russsus
      I am having performance issues with running any game suddenly. My framerate will float significantly lower than it used to and it will drop frames over and over again when more things need to be rendered(when playing dota2, when more creeps render on my screen coming out of the fog i get frame drops for a second or 2). I play a lot of Dota2 and I have never had an issue running the game(see my specs below). If I turn down the graphic settings to low, nothing improves which helps me believe that it is not something with my GPU.
      About a month ago there was a weird humming noise coming from my pc and I found it to be the PSU fan. It stopped making that noise but now I have issues running games for the last 2-3 weeks. I am trying to figure out if its an issue with my PSU, CPU, RAM, motherboard or a combination of parts. Could it be that my PSU isnt supplying the power needed for my parts to run correctly while gaming? do i have a memory leak? faulty ram or cpu?
      MY SPECS(this pc has been used heavily since 2013, the only upgrade I put into it was a newer GPU)
      windows 10
      Intel i5 3570 3.4Ghz
      8gb ddr3 corsair vengeance RAM
      Nvidia geforce gtx970
      gigabyte z77 gaming motherboard
      Again, what could be causing FPS issues in Dota2 and other games considering i used to get 120+fps consistently for the last 3-4 years with NO ISSUES EVER.
    • By becausegoodbye
      I have a home-built PC running Windows 10 (games and work), and it's having a kind of startup problem it's never had before. Basically, it's making the sounds and lights of a computer starting up, but it seems to be sending no information  to the monitor (which I've confirmed to be working otherwise), and I don't seem to be able to do or change anything to even get to the BIOS. All I've got is a blank screen. 
        The full story: yesterday I was working on my computer using headphones, but when I tried switching the playback device over to my speakers (something I do every day), no sound came out of my speakers. Because sound was coming through my headphones fine, I assumed the trouble must be with my speakers. After a bit of testing, though, it turned out they were working fine with everything except my computer. (And the cable connecting my computer to the amplifier of my speakers was also working in other contexts.) So I fiddled around a bit with my audio drivers, checking to see if there were any driver updates that might fix the problem (there weren't), and at a certain point just thought - "I'll restart the computer. I always forget to do that when troubleshooting, and sometimes that does solve little random problems." So I restarted the computer.    Then the real trouble began. That was the last time I've seen anything from that PC on my monitor. When I restarted the computer, it made all its usual noises (and featured all its usual lights), but the screen simply stayed black. My keyboard did the little illuminated dance it does whenever it's restarted, so I know my computer is still sending signals (or at least power) to the keyboard. But all I've got is a blank screen.    Thinking it might be a graphics card issue, I tested connecting the monitor through the normal DisplayPort port on my PC, rather than through my graphics card -- but it didn't change anything. The monitor just doesn't appear to be receiving any information. Thinking it might be an issue with my DisplayPort cable, I tried an HDMI cable instead (in both my graphics card port and the PC's standard port), and it didn't change anything either. Thinking it may be a monitor issue, I tested the monitor on my old laptop, and it's working perfectly. Thinking it may be some weird BIOS issue, I cleared the CMOS (using the little hidden button on the back), but that didn't change anything either. Thinking that something internal might have come loose, I opened the PC up and reseated a few things (the hard drives, the graphics card), but that didn't change anything either.   I'm a bit stuck. As best I can tell, all my peripherals and cables are fine. The problem seems to be internal to my PC. I've had some boot problems before with this PC (once when the SSD had come loose, and once when the BIOS settings had gotten screwed up somehow, which was fixed by clearing the CMOS) ... but they all at least allowed me to get to the BIOS and fiddle around with startup repair. With this problem, I'm not sure what tools I really have to work with.    Any help would be massively appreciated, and I can give you any extra information you might need. My computer's specs:   Motherboard: MSI Z270i Gaming Pro Carbon AC LGA 1151 Mini ITX  CPU: i5 6600K GPU: AMD R9 390X SSD: Crucial MX300 1TB HDD: WD 1TB RAM: 16gb (2x8gb) DDR4 Ripjaws 2800 MhZ  Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA 750w G2 Gold Case: Bitfenix Prodigy Mini-ITX
    • By hplaptop
      What is virtual memory and how i used it ?