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HP Envy Laptop Will Not Boot


Had an HP Envy Ultrabook 4 given to me by a relative.  Has a “Windows 8” sticker but was upgraded to Windows 10.  I cannot get Windows 10 to load. 

When booting – I get a choice of languages – choose US – English.  Then I get a choice to:

  1.  Boot Windows 10 – gets hung up here.
  2. Do a system refresh – if I select this I get an error message that the operation cannot be performed.
  3. Troubleshoot – subscreen to “diagnose” - if I select this I get an error message that the operation cannot be performed.
  4. Subscreen to go to MS_DOS system command.  This WORKS.  (But I’m not sure what to do from there.)
  5.   Do a hard reset – have not tried – want to exhaust possibilities first.


Any thoughts or advice?


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By hard reset are you referring to essentially a factory reset?  If so that would be the first place I would go to honestly especially on a device that was used by someone else.

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    • By TimeShifts

      I have a 2-in-1 HP Pavilion x2 Detachable 12-b000 Notebook that will not boot up when I press the power button. Though, surprisingly, when I plug in my phone charger to the USB port and connect it to my phone, whenever I press the power button, my phone's screen would light up indicating that there is some sort of connection between my phone and the laptop but there is no phone charging happening.

      When I plug in the battery charger, there is a white light that appears next to the battery port, signalling that the battery is fully charged.

      Sometimes, though very rarely, I am able to boot up the laptop but the laptop screen has to be in a certain position. If I move it or push down on it, the laptop shuts back down. When it does boot up, it shows that the battery is fully charged, so I am assuming that the laptop's battery is working fine. The laptop also appears to always be in tablet mode whenever it is on though if I change it to laptop mode, it does not shut off or anything. The keyboard and the mouse pad works if the laptop is able to boot into Windows 10.

      I have come to deduce that it is either the screen or some other hardware. For curiosity, what could be the cause of this issue? Could it be water spilling into the laptop or just bad hardware pieces? I had this laptop for about a year now and the warranty for the laptop expired. Before I try to repair this laptop, I need to know which part is the issue.
    • By DaniMLucht
      I have a super weird problem with my laptop. I have no idea if it's fixable or if I should just buy a new one. My HP Pavilion laptop is 5 years old but still in good shape. About every other day, while resting my palms on the bottom of the keyboard, my computer will randomly start spawning tabs in whatever browser is open. OR it will continuously refresh the tab I'm in. The only thing that causes it is me physically touching the lower left portion of the keyboard where my palms rest while typing. If I don't touch it, my computer works fine.
      I know nothing about hardware. Should I buy a new laptop or is this fixable? What on earth could cause this? I should mention I have kids that can be fairly rough around electronics...
    • By Gazzacub
      I’ve had this laptop for years and at the time it was very expensive, it started displaying som adored colours on the screen and then became worse and worse to the point that it became unusable, seems such a shame to bin it - I’m wondering if you guys know if this would be a graphics card/controller problem and if the graphics set on this machine is serviceable/replaceable or not as I know many are onboard and not fixable 
      any help would be great 
    • By FanAttic
      I have an HP Pavilion laptop, a 2012 Model # dv6-7013cl, approximately 6 years old, and out of warranty since 2014. When turned on, the caps lock flashes continuously - no blink code - and the F12 orange button light stays on. It will not boot or show anything on the screen.
      The laptop previously worked without issues other than overheating easily. For this reason, I disassembled it and cleaned the fan. There was a layer of lint inside the fan housing so thick that at first I thought it was a foam filter strip. After removing the lint and cleaning off dust with brushes and ear swabs, I reassembled everything and found the laptop in its current no-boot state.
      The fan runs and blows warm air, and at a much better rate since being cleaned. The computer will power on with only the battery, with only the power cord, or both, and the screen flashes for a fraction of a second before going back to dead black and beginning to flash the caps lock light. I have since disassembled and reassembled the laptop at least four times and left it charging overnight without any change in its condition. I've quadruple-checked for missed connectors, board damage, etc. and found none.
      (1) Because the CMOS battery is fit tightly into the laptop's plastic frame, I had to disconnect it in order to remove the motherboard and the fan for cleaning. Thus the BIOS was reset on an old battery.
      (2) I initially misseated the memory cards, but found this problem and fixed it before the second reassembly. Reseating the memory cards multiple times has not changed the problem. I used photos prior to disassembly to ensure that they were replaced in their original slots.
      (3) I have read through and followed all relevant sections of the HP Support Document "Computer Does Not Start and Emits an LED or Beep Code" found at https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c0.... The caps lock key is NOT blinking a code; it is blinking continuously at a rate of about 1 blink per second.
      Besides reseating the memory cards, I've tried the "Hard Reset" described in the HP Support Document. I've also tried the ever harder reset described here on IFixIt: Caps Lock and Num Lock LEDs blink continuously, can't get to BIOS
      I am seeking diagnostic and repair suggestions from people with ideas. I appreciate all help and will follow and report back on any suggestions that are provided.
      Thank you!
    • By Angros
      Hello all, I am in need of some advice regarding this Hp laptop. Long story short, but a friend of mine had hard drive failure in their laptop. When I said their computer needed a new drive, they brought me this HP laptop saying that one day it just never turned on. I pulled it's drive and installed it into their computer and received this as payment.
      I must say that I am not a pro. People have just been bringing me old laptops since I was younger and I've fixed them without thinking much about it, but this one is far newer than anything I have, so I am in need of some help.
      Here is what I have been wondering about:
      I do not have the charger, however I go to collage so it does not take long to find a student with a similar HP. I borrowed a charger, and the computer did not respond. Not even the charging light came on( which is located in the dc input socket for the machine). May just be a problem with a different model's charger, though the specs were 19.5v just like my laptop needs. I know at school we all share dell chargers for a vast assortment of Dell laptops, but Hp seems to be more picky from what I've heard. Would the charging light come on if there was a board issue since the light is located right on the charging port? 
      I have the proper cord and a new charging port on the way, but what do you all think? If it is not these parts, I need an idea as of what to do. Having a computer this new would be absolutely amazing.
      Also, can this machine be run without a battery? Other students I have talked to with HP said that when their batteries failed, the computer would not run even when plugged in. 
      Sorry if I sound like a novice, but in this poorer area of Tennessee I only see the same few models of older Dell business laptops over and over, so a HP i5 computer is a whole new ballpark.