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Setting Clock in CMOS: Packard Bell Desktop


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I obtained a disk with which to reinstall WXP to use as a Home server. Seems to me it was not properly done because sometimes I the Destop Ok. Other times I get, 'Boot from CD.

With the Disk in the drive and using F2 I get: CMOS Setup Utility Copywrite (C) 1984-2004 Award Software.    Main: Advanced: PcIPnP: Boot: Secirity: EXit.

I have included these because the date/time is wrong.

How do I set the date and then Install XP ?.

Thank you

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We need the model of the PC and we can tell you how to change the time.  The time should be set from within the BIOS which is usually F2 on bootup.  Once the time is set, and if you unplug the PC and replug it back in and the time is wrong, then you would need to change the battery.  You can also test the battery with a multimeter to see if it is 3V or greater.  If so, battery is fine.  After you change a battery you have to go into the BIOS and fix the date and time.  Incorrect date and time will sometimes bother Windows.

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