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How to Reset Bios Master Password on Asus Vivobook?


Hey folks! :)

Since I usually use google to fix my computer problems, I never had the need to actually register in a forum. This time is now over. :P It's nice to meet you all from now. ;)

Yesterday a friend brought me an old Asus Vivobook E200H(A) which he wanted me to reset the password. Little did I know that we talk Bios password here, even less, that it's gonna be such a pain in the butt.

Here the problem:

- it comes up before even loading any boot options, so you can't bypass it with rescue USB's

- I read articles that if you press Alt+R you see a rescue screen where you can put in a dated rescue password, provided by Asus. However if I hit Alt+R nothing happens (and I hit this sonuvabitch really hard. :P)

- I searched the net for a solution to short the CMOS on the board. Nothing. There is first of all no information and second Asus hadn't be so kind to print a RSTPSWRD, or CMOSRST or any of this onto the motherboard.

Here the data

Asus Vivobook E200H-FD0004TS

Mainboard Serial:



Instant solutions have been the immediate intake of way to much coffeine combined with sleep deprivation, a short schooling of my friend to never fuck around with bios sh*t anymore and the silent cries to sleep cause nothing would work.

I hope you guys can help me out!

Cheers! :)

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Is it truly a BIOS password it is asking for or a hard drive password?  You can figure it out pretty quickly by simply removing the HDD and seeing if it allows you to get into the BIOS.  Assuming it really is the BIOS password, did you do the basic Googly search for default backdoor passwords?  Doubt any of them will work.  I have yet to see a way to get into them outside of replacing the motherboard or the BIOS chip onboard.  Ill do some Google-foo and see if there are any published backdoor pws but odds are not in your favor for those.

Also, like how you censored the S word but not the F word, lmao.

Worth a shot at least: https://www.ifixit.com/Answers/View/273270/How+do+I+reset+my+BIOS+password+on+newer+ASUS+laptops

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3 hours ago, Dr_Bob said:

Is it truly a BIOS password it is asking for or a hard drive password?


According to him he had fun with the BIOS settings before he burned all bridges to a night with nurturing sleep.

And this beauty has an SDD soldered on the mainboard, so I can't really outrule an HDD password. But assuming from his story and apparant lack of knowledge to get anywhere close to some system settings I would still think it's BIOS PW.

I tried backdoors, problem is that it doesn't open the rescue screen when you hit alt+r (which it is supposed to) and I tried them on the normal mask with no luck.


And I tried the solution from that video as well. Problem is I have no idea what date the bios currently has. Also it's the same approch as described above.


Maybe a glimpse of hope: Do you know on which date mainboards usually reset when you pull the power of them long enough?

But the problem here would be, that this trick doesn't flush everything from newer laptops anymore... So maybe not even the date?

And this is just for you:

Praise the lord for how badly he f*cked shit up this time...!


Thanks for wrapping your head around it! :)


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Drinking and BIOS configs are a bad combo lmao.

So just to be clear, it will not boot into Windows, right?

Everything Im seeing involves the Alt+R date thing so Im not sure where we may go from here.  You can try every pw in this list but it will take forever....: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/744948-bypass-bios-password-on-asus-laptop-solved/

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I guess the best comparison of this netbook right now is Hodor from game of thrones...

It basically wont do anything. Not booting from flash, not letting me into the bios config, not going into this Asus Bios rescue mode.

You get boot password screen as soon as you hit the ON button and thats it. Hodor. you type in a wrong password and it tells you that it's wrong. Apart from that, Hodor. You can't even switch it off again, even if you press the ON OFF button for ages. Hodor.

You can restart it though by pressing ctrl+alt+del. And then again... Hodor.

And I can't try the passwords from the list, because I can't get into that Asus intern rescue mode.

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