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Any simple way to automate Windows control panel and other settings?


Can anyone please suggest a simple way to automate doing some various basic config in Windows 7 & 10 like:

- set power plan in Power Options (control panel) to High Performance
- set Communications in Sound CP to "Do Nothing"
- set Visual Effects in Performance Options under System to "adjust for best performance"
- set the Time Zone under Date & time
- disable Enhance Pointer Precision under Mouse in Control Panel
- set all three sliders in Keyboard in CPanel to Short/Fast/Fast
- set certain services to Automatic like the SSDP Discovery
- change various new settings in the Windows 10 Settings like disabling Notifications, Game Bar and Focus Assist

Those are examples of some of the CPanel/Settings i need to do on basically every computer i install/reinstall so i would really love a way to "one click" the whole process.

I have tried googling the various related topics but in the vast majority of cases the methods i saw were very complicated and way beyond my knowledge.
I am hoping there is some simplistic GUI tool that can make a batch/script or something similar that doesnt require an advanced knowledge of Powershell or Regedit.

Thank you for reading and helping out.

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Are your doing a computer migration or a refresh ? I would think doing any of those two you would run a Windows Image Disc or through a network image to all the PC's.

I have jumped out of computer migrations and have been doing printer migrations for the last 4-5 years but this is how we do printers and computers would almost be the same.

We take one specific printer model and do all the settings manually that are specific to what the client wants,  there are lots of settings to adjust,  we then make a clone file after the approval process of that specific printer,  and from there on out we can clone the other printers from that first printer,  sometimes we have up to seven different models so we have to make seven different clone files, I have worked from the west coast to the east coast doing this onsite and remotely from home which was nice, for 6 months.

The different geographical locations had different clones as well because of printer server and printer IP addresses and time zones,  the most important thing we still had to do even though everything was cloned was to go back to the printers via the web interface and log on and re-check that all the settings were right compared to the checklist,  what I am saying is you might have to go back as well to make sure everything is checked from the checklist,  for me this was mandatory,  when you have installed hundreds of printers or computers that task comes pretty easy to make adjustments if need be,  clone files and images can become corrupted,  I know this well so that is why you go back through the checklist,  not sure if this will set you at ease but that is just the way it was done for my printer and computer migrations...it wasn't a set it and forget it :cool: 

Someone else may have some ideas for you but hope this helped you a little.


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Doubt you are using Windows Pro but you could do it all through Group Policy, especially if you have a Domain Controller.

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