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Hi there


I have a SOny Vaio SVF15N12SAS with the Windows 8.1 operating sytem. My computer has Legacy and Eufi option in bios Set up. What does it mean? My computer currently runs on Legacy but when I click on the SOny Assist button, it says operating system not found.  


Please help.

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At what point are you pressing the Sony Assist button?  When laptop is off, on, during boot?

Press the ASSIST button to perform regular maintenance of your VAIO computer or to solve problems you might encounter when using the computer.
While the computer is on, the ASSIST button starts VAIO Care.
While the computer is off, the ASSIST button starts VAIO Care Rescue Mode.
VAIO Care (Rescue Mode) : Recover or maintain your system can be used to recover the computer in case of emergency, for example, when Windows does not start.


See here for explanation of Legacy vs UEFI: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-difference-between-UEFI-and-Legacy-Mode-which-we-need-to-choose-while-installing-the-OS

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