The Best Tech Survival Gadgets In An Emergency Situation

best tech survival gadgets

When we think of survival gadgets, we might think of a compass, a foil blanket or an all-in-one tool to saw down trees, open cans and light your fire. While those gadgets are certainly great to have in an emergency, this is a technology website, so we are going to show you the best tech survival gadgets to have in an emergency situation form a nerd’s perspective.

Best Tech Survival Gadgets To Have In The Field

Eton Scorpion II

The Eton Scorpion II is a multi-functional tech survival gadget that acts as a flashlight, cell phone charger, and AM/FM/NOAA weather band radio. A great feature of this flashlight are the power options. You can operate it on batteries, solar, and even with a hand crank. The hand crank feature ensures you will never be without light and power for your devices.

The Scorpion II has a rugged design and a carabiner to allow it to easily clip onto your gear when hiking or climbing. Overall, this is a tech survivalist’s must-have even if it never leaves your home.

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

The Anker USB Solar Charger is one of those items any outdoors-man should have. Imagine getting lost is the wilderness or going camping in a remote area for an extended period of time . . . how would you keep your vital devices charged? Anker is know for its batteries and power devices. Their solar battery charger contains several panels that you can setup wherever there is direct sunlight. The solar panels use fast-charging technology to keep your devices charged indefinitely–assuming you have sunlight.

The light-weight panels fold up when not in use, but can also be attached to your backpack when hiking.

Anker LC130 LED 1300

The Anker LC130 LED flashlight is super-powerful. Tactical flashlights are all the rage these days, but few can hold a candle to the Anker LC130, which provides a blazing 1300 Lumens of light. While it may be more practical to store a flashlight of this size in your house or car, having this tech survival gadget with you in the field would be invaluable.

There’s An App For That

survival app

The best tech survival gadget is most definitely your cell phone, especially if you’re in a location that actually has access to a cell tower. You can call the authorities and your general location can be triangulated so they can find you. But in all likelihood, you will not have access to a cell tower, so you will not be able to Google how to start a fire or how to find drinking water. Instead, consider downloading a couple of survival apps that will have all of this information stored directly on your phone. In addition, if your phone does not already have a compass app, be sure to install that as well.

In conclusion, we chose these products because they are very tech gadget specific. These gadgets will allow you to have an emergency radio, flashlight, self-sustaining power and useful information at your fingertips. If you have any picks for your best tech survival gadgets, be sure to join our free computer repair forums or visit or read our other tech gadget articles.

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