Easy DIY Apple and Android Charging Station Project

Custom Charging Station

As we continue to expand our digital lives and shift to mobile platforms, you quickly discover the charging challenges for multiple people and platforms. This easy, DIY Apple and Android charging station will provide you with a safe and organized area to keep your mobile gadgets powered. Whether you charge all of your devices in the kitchen or the living room, this Apple and Android charging station can transform your current tangled chaos into a conversation piece.

Things To Consider When Building Your DIY Apple and Android Charging Station

When building your DIY Apple and Android charging station, you want to consider the various cabling and technology used in your household. For example, some phones now use USB C cables to charge, while older phones and tablets use micro USB. Additionally, some phones will have fast-charging capabilities, so the charging block you use should support that feature.

Design is also important. While you could go on the cheap, you want to make sure your devices are contained in something that will keep them safe and secured from water and falling hazards. We chose a rustic office organizer because it matches the style we were looking for and provided compartments that were large enough to hold phone and tablets, as well as a drawer to conceal the charging station.

For the charging station, we are using an Anker charging block that supports the quick charge feature of most modern smartphones.

Steps To Build Your Own Charging Station

The materials for your charging station may vary. These instructions will hopefully provide you with ideas to design and create your own. Remove the drawers at the bottom. Since the charging block will take up the majority of the internal cavity of one of the drawers, it was necessary the cut two-thirds of the drawer away so only the front remained.

With a long drill bit slightly larger than the micro-USB tip, drill into each compartment, into the drawer space where the charging block will reside. Next, drill a hole into the rear or bottom of the charging station so you can run your power cable to an outlet.

DIY Apple and Android Charging Station

Carefully run your USB cables, and plug them into the charging station power block. Any cable slack can be concealed within the drawer.

You may decide you want to hang this on a wall rather than letting it stand on a counter. This is fine. Simply drill two additional holes near the top on either side. Be sure to use toggle bolts or heavy duty drywall anchors to secure it.

You can use your existing cables. But if you are purchasing new cables, try and buy braided cables that bend easily, and get them as close to the exact length you need for your charging station. We found that one-foot cables were slightly too short, so try and find a mixture of two and three foot cables for this project.

Custom Charging Station

Your Charging Station DIY Project Is Complete

The varying sizes of these compartments makes this a great Android table charging station, as well as the larger iPads. Building your own DIY Apple and Android charging station can take an eyesore and turn it into functional piece of art. If you liked this project, be sure to share it with your friends over social media using our sharing buttons. Also, be sure to check out our other cool gadget tips.

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