Emergency Tech Bag

It’s happened to us all: You pack your bags for that weekend getaway or a last minute business trip only to realize in horror upon arrival that you forgot that one cable or gadget that makes everything else work. What’s a geek to do?

We have compiled suggestions for an emergency geek backpack any respectable tech enthusiast should have in their closet.

Top Ten Emergency Tech Bag Ingredients

We’ve included some of our favorite ideas for a grab-and-go tech bag. The primary focus of this was to ensure a person had all of the necessities for their gadgets while on the road.

Emergency Tech Bag Suggestions

Recommendations for an emergency tech bag

SOLO Tech Collection – The bag a person carries is personal choice, but a good bag will not only be stylish and protect your gear, but will be easily accessible and have a lot of places to store small devices, cables and adapters.

Multi-tool LED Pocket Pliers – You can spend a lot on a good multi-tool, but a generic one is just as good for those occasional repairs.

21 LED Extreme Beam Flashlight – A decent LED flashlight is a must. They are small and extremely bright.

8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive – A flashdrive is great to have for the road. You will eventually need it for something.

Spare headphones – On a bus, train or airplane, a decent set of ear buds are a must-have.

Dual USB Charger – There’s no worse feeling that realizing you cannot charge your phone or your tablet computer.

iPad / iPhone Charger – In addition to the charger, you’ll need cables for your devices.

Ethernet cable – You might be WiFi capable, but it’s always nice to plug in whenever you can.

Rechargable Batteries – Rechargable batteries with charger will save you when you least expect it.

Portable Charger For Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP – If you have kids, a charger capable of charging multiple game devices can be the difference between a pleasant trip and a disastrous one.

Let us know what your must-have emergency tech bag contains.


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