Must Have Cycling and Bike Gadgets


While there are typically biking seasons for most of us, it is always biking season for some people. PCTechBytes understands the need to get out there and explore the trails, the parks and other destinations you just can’t–and don’t–want to explore on foot. These must have cycling and bike gadgets will help you make the most of your biking endeavors, and will keep you safe, connected and high-tech while exploring the world.

cycling and bike gadgets

Cycling and Bike Gadgets For Safety

Everyone knows the importance of wearing a helmet when biking. But there are other high-tech bike gadgets that can further improve your safety while on the trails.

Cycling and Bike GadgetsThe Te-Rich Ultra Bright 1200 Lumen Cree LED is a simple way to add a headlight and tail light to your bike. We like it because the headlight is actually a handheld flashlight that can be holstered on your belt when you are walking, and then mounted back on your bike when you are ready to continue cycling. It also comes with a tail light so others can see you at night. You can use the headlight in standard-beam mode or the flashing mode. This is a great, versatile solution at a great price point for those who like to cycle at night or early morning hours.

The Meilan Smart Bike Tail Light X5 is a cool tail light turn signal that operates via a wireless remote mounted on the handlebars. Super easy to install, it provides a bright tail light for night-time safety. The turn signal helps you notify pedestrians, motorists and other cyclist of your intent. It even has a brightly-flashing crosswalk mode for crossing busy intersections at night.

Emerging High Tech Bike Gadgets

While safety is one thing, getting high-tech out in the great unknown is more important to most. The geek cyclist simply cannot be disconnected from the world, so these high tech cycling and bike gadgets will help keep you plugged in the matrix.

The LINKA Smart Lock is a smart bike lock that allows you to secure your bike with the push of a button. It can automatically unlock as you approach, as it recognizes your smartphone, and it will sound an alarm if someone tries to lift or carry your bike away.

Since it is permanently mounted to your bike, there is nothing to struggle with. Simply push the lock button and walk away.

Smart Halo is a bike gadget that transforms your dumb bike into a smart bike. It has a sexy design and is intended to mount and stay mounted as a permanent fixture on your bicycle. It pairs with your phone to notify you of incoming texts or calls, can provide turn by turn directions and track your fitness.

bike bagBV Bicycle Strap-On Saddle Bag is an absolute must have for anyone biking more than a few miles from home. You only need to be stuck on a trail without a wrench one time to realize you need some type of bag to carry a few emergency tools and supplies. This bag is great, as is fits in that wasted space below your seat. It is stylish, aerodynamic, and lightweight. The reflective strip around the bag also adds another layer of safety.


bike phone mountThe Mpow Bike Phone Mount Holder is our last of our must-have cycling and bike gadgets. We simply love this phone mount. Having tried so many different phone mounts over the years, this one ranks the highest for us in regards of ease of use, design and functionality. It only takes a minute or two to install the mount on your bike, and the first time you clamp your phone into it, you realize your phone is safe and secure. It rotates to give you the best viewing angle, and fits current model standard and plus-sized phones.

These must have cycling and bike gadgets should help you get the most of your biking experience. So get out there with your friends and family and show them who the top bike nerd is and rest assured these tech accessories will get you where you are going safely, and in style.


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