New Blink XT2 Camera Tips Tricks and Fixes

blink xt camera tips

The Blink XT2 cameras are a great way to get into home monitoring without spending a lot on cameras, servers and storage options. They integrate well with most home WiFi setups and provide free cloud storage of your videos. Use these Blink XT2 camera tips to get the most out of your new home monitoring system.

Best Settings for Blink XT2 Camera

Use the following Blink XT2 camera tips to improve your battery life and motion detection. The standard settings for the Blink XT2 cameras my be suitable for most situations, but you can change them through the Blink app, if necessary. Remember, increasing sensitivity, clip length or anything else makes the cameras work harder and will reduce battery life.

Blink XT2 camera settingsMotion Detection – You can toggle this on or off. In most cases you would want it on.

Activity Zones – Take a picture through the camera when you have it setup and use the grid overlay on the picture to pick what areas you want the motion sensor to activate on. This is handy if the camera is facing a street and you do not want to pick up every passing car.

Re-trigger Time – If you have the Blink camera in an area that has frequent traffic, you may want to raise the re-trigger time, which is the duration between first activation of the motion sensor to the time it will allow the trigger to reoccur. If you have it in the back yard, for example, you would not want the motion sensor triggering every time you walk by pushing the lawnmower.

Sensitivity – You can raise or lower the sensitivity of the motion sensor. You can tweak this over time if you feel you are getting a lot of false-positives.

Clip Length – The default clip length is five seconds. You can raise or lower this, if necessary. The longer the clip, the shorter the battery life, however.

End Clip Early If Motion Stops – If something activates the motion sensor, the camera can stop recording earlier than the clip length setting if it no longer detects movement.

What Comes In The Blink XT2 Box

The Blink XT2 camera ships with the following:

  • Blink XT2 camera (dependent on quantity selected)
  • 1 sync module
  • 2 AA 1.5V lithium batteries (2 per camera)
  • 1 mounting kit (per camera)
  • 1 user guide
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 power adapter for sync module.

How To Mount Blink XT2 Camera Outside

Before you start drilling holes in your house, there are a few things you should consider when mounting your Blink XT2 Camera outside. How many cameras do you have? If you can’t plug the camera in, you will eventually need to change the batteries. Make sure the camera is accessible, but not so accessible that someone can steal it. Are you planning on mounting it right next to a light? If so, the night vision may be affected by the glare.

If possible, consider fixing the camera in place for a day or two to make sure the location is appropriate before drilling into your house and attaching the permanent bracket.

Also, consider keeping the cameras out of arm’s length. While it may make changing the batteries easier, it can also make it more accessible to tampering or theft. These cameras are very easy to pop off of their mount.

Alternative Ways To Power Your Blink XT2 Camera

Fortunately, there are more ways to keep your cameras powered rather than using the internal battery. If you have really high traffic areas like the front of your house or a busy backyard, you can plug the cameras into third-party power sources. We use an AC adapter that plugs into an internal outlet and a couple of solar-powered units that plug into cameras where we have good sun exposure. Both are waterproof and allow us to get maximum quality and sensitivity from the cameras without having to rely on changing the internal Blink battery weekly.

Blink XT2 Camera Pros and Cons

Blink XT2 Pros:

  1. Camera has an excellent picture.
  2. Range from sync module is good. No noticeable signal loss.
  3. Cameras are small at around three inches square.
  4. Excellent battery life (based on settings).
  5. Good support.
  6. Free cloud storage.

Blink XT2 Cons:

  1. Initial setup required a firmware update to work. (Your results may vary).
  2. Motion sensor allows for targeted areas but seems spotty.
  3. App can be improved. Mass deletion of videos would be nice.
  4. Night vision is fair, can be better.

Overall opinion of these cameras is that they are a good value for the price. It would also appear that the product is being actively supported and developed, which is good for consumers, but bad for early tech adopters that may have been disappointed by some of its short-comings during the initial release.

Blink XT2 Camera Troubleshooting

Setting up the Blink app, sync module and cameras should be pretty straight-forward. However, you may run into situations that require a call to their support staff. Or you can simply place a help ticket on the Blink website. Some issues include the Blink sync module not having the solid green light and requiring a special firmware push to the device from the support team. Other issues may be poor battery life or complete failures in the sync module or any of the cameras. While frustrating, these issues can usually be fixed by the support staff. You can read some reviews and specs for the Blink cameras here. Good luck and enjoy. Feel free to leave a comment with your Blink XT2 camera tips below. Or read our other tech gadget articles for more helpful tips and tricks.

12 thoughts on “New Blink XT2 Camera Tips Tricks and Fixes”

  1. “Nagged” is putting it mildly. You’d think the manufacturer would give us enough respect to be able to determine how long we want to monitor.

  2. Hi, I recently bought a second hand blink xt2 system…when I tried to set it up…the message that came up on my app was that the camera was assigned to another account…how can I change this?

    1. Hi Shaun. You will likely have to contact support to have the camera changed to your name. I assume you have the base station? If so, it should not be a problem. I know the base station has a reset feature, but I am not sure that the camera itself does. Support may need to delete it from the previous owner’s acct. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

  3. Hi David, I’ve recently purchased the 2 camera XT-2 set, from an Auction House, and encountered the same issue.
    After contacting customer support, was told that the only way to activate the camera was to have the previous owner deregister it from their account.
    I have 2 cameras, and central unit, all useless as the previous owners details cannot be obtained.
    If anyone has updates, or advice, on the matter (apart from buying another unit)…would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Richard,

      It comes with a sync module (base station), and that is what you need to be concerned with. I have my base station about 50 feet from my router and my three cameras are about the same from the base station. You should be more concerned about structures, like metal beams in houses and other factors that can contribute to signal loss. You can see the signal strength from the camera to the base station, which is nice when setting up the camera location. This way you do not have to mount the camera until you are sure you have a strong signal.

  4. What settings do I use to have my camera monitor for, say, 8 hours? If I go to LIVE, it very soon asks if I want to continue, so that can’t be what I want. I want it to monitor all the time and record when motion activates it. Should be the default, shouldn’t it?

    1. Hi Patti,

      You just want the motion detector turned on. It will only activate when there is motion. Unfortunately, I don’t think you can leave it on all the time and view it. They probably did this because most people have it powered by batteries and this would kill the batteries. You sound like you have yours plugged in.

      These are good little cameras for what they are. You may need something more robust to do what you need.

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