High Quality Thermal Temperature Sensor for Android Phones

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The Seek temperature sensor for android phones is an inexpensive, yet high quality, add-on device that enables you to detect heat variations on your phone’s display. The thermal camera plugs into your phone’s micro USB port and, with the addition of the free Seek app, allows you to view variations in temperature. You can take pictures of these thermal readings, or record a video. We at PCTechBytes find the Seek thermal to be a fantastic gadget that can be used for home improvement or for the sheer fun of it.

Seek thermal sensor for Android

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The Seek Temperature Sensor For Android Phones

The temperature sensor can be used on any android device that has the ability to download the Seek app and has a micro USB port, so it is not strictly limited to a phone. A phone display will generally be less cumbersome than a tablet, however, so this is what we used to test it on.

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The image above is the temperature readings on a pull-down attic ladder. You can clearly see the temperature difference of the wall beside the access port and the ladder. From a home-improvement standpoint, the Seek thermal sensor can be used to find insufficient insulation in your walls and attic so you can take corrective action.

thermal pictures

If you are tired of taking normal pictures of your dog, you can also use the thermal temperature sensor to torment him in the dark.

There are a plethora of settings and filters you can use within the app to get the perfect color and contrast you are looking for. You can tell the app to note both the high and low temps on the screen at the same time, as in the first picture.

This video is a simple demonstration on the temperature variations between hot and cold water running through a faucet and drain pipes. You can use a technique like this to find clogs in pipes and to locate potential leaks.

As you can see, the Seek temperature sensor for android phones is a device that can be used for both home improvement and for entertainment. It is a relative easy device to use once you download the app. Simply plug it into your phone and select the filters and features you want to use when the app loads. Use the app to take pictures or record video.

Smartphone Temperature App

In order for the device to work with your phone, you will first need to purchase the correct model for either iPhones or Android. Please take note of the port you will be attaching it to. The port must match your phone’s connector, so if you have a micro USB port on the phone, be sure to buy the Seek model that uses the micro USB port.

Download the Seek Android app here

Download the Seek iPhone app here

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