Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day gift ideas

Father’s Day is probably the single most difficult gift-giving day of the year. After all, what do you get the man who can literally do anything he wants with his bare hands? Skip the t-shirt and World’s Greatest Dad coffee mug this year. While those things are wonderful, heart-felt gifts, he already knows he is the world’s greatest dad. Besides, crossing paths with another dad wearing the same t-shirt in public could result in a serious confrontation.

This Father’s Day gift guide has a tech and gadget slant designed to give that awesome dude the gift he didn’t know he wanted.

Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Magnetic Wristband – Dads fix things. Dads build things. For decades, dads have been holding nails and screws in their teeth, unsecured in waist nail pouches, dangerously poking him from within the pockets of his jeans…. The magnetic wristband was designed to hold screws, nails, drill bits, screw driver adapters and other metal objects so he can have his hands free to perform his mighty tasks.

Universal Socket – Another great Father’s Day gift is a universal socket. This single socket replaces dozens of socket heads of various sizes. The pins retract and allow the socket to fit virtually any size and shape bolt. This single socket head will be dad’s go-to tool when working on almost any task, from fixing the lawnmower to replacing the chain on your bike.

Tactical Pen – It is a little known fact that dads like to write as much as they love to start fires, navigate through dense forests, open bottles and use flashlights. This tactical pen combines all of dad’s favorite things into a high-quality aluminum case that easily fits in his shirt pocket.

37-in-1 Wallet Multi-tool Card – Multi-tools have evolved over the years and it’s quite probable your dad already has a multi-tool in his pocket or in a drawer some place. In reality, multi-tools are inconvenient and too bulky to carry around all the time. This is why he needs a flat, wallet multi-tool. This handy gadget can do just about anything. It’s a knife, screwdriver, wrench, measuring ruler, can opener, nail extractor and much more.

USB Charging Station for Multiple Devices – Another great Father’s Day gift is an organizer for all of his devices. If he has a clutter of cables, chargers and devices, this centralized charging stand will be ideal for him. It looks nice and is compatible with various devices and cables.

Borescope Inspection Camera – Dads from the caveman era would smash a wall down to see what’s behind it. They would rip a pipe out of the ground to see what was causing a clog. Caveman dads didn’t know they needed a boroscope, a tiny camera on a cable that lets you snake your way into a wall or pipe to see what the problem is. This tool is a fun and useful gadget, and something dad likely doesn’t already have.

Seek Thermal Compact Camera – What dads like more than looking into pipes and walls is looking at how hot or cold something is. The Seek camera attaches to dad’s phone or tablet and allows him to see the surface temperature of any object. Hot areas will appear red and cold areas will appear blue. This gadget is extremely fun and useful.

10000 Lumen Flashlight – Give dad the power of the Sun in his hand. To call this light a flashlight would be an extreme understatement. Most common flashlights will range from 500 to 1000 lumens of brightness. This monster is 10000 lumens and comes in two brightness modes: blinding and slightly less blinding. This rechargeable flashlight will replace whatever flashlight dad is current using, for sure.

Best Gift Ideas For Dad Concluded

These Father’s Day gift ideas are sure to please the husband or father in your life. If he likes gadgets and working with his hands, he will surely put these to great use. If you’d like to read our gadget reviews or get more ideas for Father’s Day gifts, check out our Gadget articles.

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