How To Monitor Gaming Performance On Your Computer

monitor gaming perfromance

PC gaming is on the rise. Whether you are playing on Steam, or using a different game launcher, it’s important to monitor gaming performance on your PC to make sure your system is performing at peak output. You would not like overheating or other hidden issues to steal frames from you at critical moments. Consider using the suggestions below to track your rig’s FPS.

How To See FPS In Steam

Steam is one of the most popular game stores and launchers out there, and if you are a PC gamer you likely have at least some of your games in Steam. You can allow Steam to overlay the FPS counter on your screen automatically when you launch a game by doing the following:

Steam FPS Counter

  1. Click the Steam menu item in the upper left of the Steam window.
  2. Then click Settings.
  3. Click In-Game.
  4. In the In-game FPS counter section, click the drop-down to select the FPS counter position.

You will now see real-time FPS stats overlaid on your screen when playing Steam games.

Apps to Monitor Gaming Performance

Another option to monitor your gaming rig is by using the program CAM by NZXT. This application has a lot of great features, such as CPU, GPU, RAM, Network and storage monitoring, as well as the ability to view your complete PC specs.

pc game monitoring

NZXT also gives you the ability to overclock your computer via its dashboard, which is something you should always do with caution (if at all).

FRAPS is another interesting choice for in-game overlay software. If has a free demo, but you can purchase a license.

in game overlay software

With FRAPS, you can select the font style, size, color and what you want displayed. In most cases you will want only the FPS counter to be displayed on your screen while you are gaming, but if you are experiencing game performance issues, it is nice to see how all of your hardware is behaving while actually playing the game. Is your video card overheating? Is the clock speed dropping? FRAPS will display the system specs so you can quickly identify the issue.

If you have a NVidia graphics card, the GeForce Experience is a free monitoring tool direct from NVidia.

geforce experience

It is so much more than PC game monitoring software, however. It is a launcher that optimizes the game settings based on your hardware, as well as a driver utility that checks for updated video card drivers and prompts you to update them when the driver is released.

There are a lot of free and licensed software options out there for monitoring your PC gaming performance, but we recommend sticking with tools like the GeForce Experience or Steam’s FPS overlay option. While many of these third party options are great, it’s best to keep whatever option you choose simple and low cost to computer performance and security.

If you have a favorite tool you use to monitor gaming performance, let us know!

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