Guide To Use Steam Link To Play PC Games On Android

PC games on Android

We have reached the point in mobile, home network, and gaming technology that finally enables us to stream video games to our mobile devices. This guide will explain how to use Steam Link to play PC games on Android devices. The question is, however, DO you want to play Dark Souls 3 on an Android phone screen? If your phone screen is large enough and your ready to dive in, this tutorial will show you how to play your Steam PC games on Android.

How To Setup Steam Link To Play PC Games On Android

You will need to perform the following steps to be able to play PC games on Android through Steam.

  1. Enable the streaming option within the Steam settings.
  2. Download the Steam Link app on your device from your app store.
  3. Sync a compatible controller to your Android device.

Enabling Streaming On Steam

Log into Steam on your computer. Click the Settings link and then In-Home Streaming. Next, tick the box for Enable Streaming. This option should be enabled by default, but make sure.

Download the Steam Link app from the Google Play store on your phone. Once installed, you will be prompted to sync a compatible controller.

Different Bluetooth Controller Styles

There are a couple pf different styles of controllers you can use to play PC games on Android. There is the Nintendo Switch style and the traditional game console style.

Daqi wireless controller

The Daqi Wireless Controller was extremely easy to pair and begin using. The Daqi stretches outward and sandwiches your phone in between the two sides of the controllers. Each side has a joystick and either a directional pad or XYBA button set. This controller resembles the Nintendo Switch with the joy cons on either side of the screen. Overall, this is quite impressive, but it may take a bit to get used to playing your favorite shooter with your hands so far apart on the controller.

The GameSir T1 Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller will be more appealing to traditional PC games who have used a console-style controller in the past. This form factor mounts the phone directly above a console-style controller and will have a very similar ergonomic feel of a console controller.

How To Pair A Controller To Steam Link

Pairing a controller to Steam Link is similar to pairing any other device to your phone.

  1. Open the Steam Link app and then click on Settings
  2. Click Controllers.
  3. Click Pair Controller.
  4. Click Pair Different Controller.
  5. Refer to your controller’s specific instructions for pairing.
  6. Open your phone’s Bluetooth and scan for available devices. You should see and be able to connect to the controller.

Stream Steam Games To Another Computer On The Network

In addition to streaming Steam games to your Android device, you can also stream them to a slower computer, such as a laptop or older desktop. The computers need to be on the same network. All you will need to do is log into Steam on the gaming computer and then log into Steam from the slower PC. When you go to launch the game in Steam, you will now notice you have the ability to stream the game instead of installing it on the slower computer.

Troubleshooting Streaming Issues With Steam

If you have problems playing PC games on Android, try the following steps:

Above all else, you must have a strong signal to your router. If you do not have a fast internal WiFi network, you may experience lag.

It is also a good idea to make sure you have the latest video and audio drivers for your computer.

Streaming uses UDP ports 27031 and 27036 and TCP ports 27036 and 27037. If you think your router is interfering with streaming over your home network, check your port forwarding settings in the router to confirm Steam can listen over those ports.

In closing, playing PC games for Android works remarkably well with the Steam Link app. We experienced no issues when playing many of the games in our library. If you have any questions or comments, please post below or read more of our gaming articles here.

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