XBox 360 Port Forwarding

xbox port forwarding

It may be necessary to perform XBox 360 port forwarding. Multiplayer gaming on XBox Live is great as long as everyone in the party has a fast connection to the Internet. But it isn’t always the amount of bandwidth you have that determines whether you lag or not. It can also be caused by blocked ports or other improperly configured router settings. For instance, your connection status might say “Strict” or “Moderate.” This means there are some minor issues with the configuration that might impede your online experience. There are several things you can try to get your XBox Live connection configured for optimum speed so you can frag any Noobs that try and get in your way.

XBox 360 Port Forwarding

XBox 360 port forwarding requires some router configuration. Xbox Live requires you have ports 53,80,88,3074 open. To do this, you will need to know what your network IP address is. If you already know your router is located at then you’re ready to configure your XBox 360 for a static IP address. To begin, power-up your XBox 360 and do the following:

  1. On your console, go to My Xbox, and then select System Settings.
  2. Select Network Settings, then select Configure Network.
  3. On the Basic Settings tab, choose IP Settings.
  4. Select Manual.
  5. Select IP Address.
  6. Enter the unique IP address that you made up. Since this must be local to your router, choose something like, and then select Done.
  7. Select Subnet Mask, and enter, and then select Done.
  8. Select Gateway, enter your computer’s default gateway (which is probably the router’s address, and then select Done.
  9. Select Done.
  10. Press B on your controller and then test your connection again.

The Default Gateway is your router’s internal IP address. Depending on your make, the IP address might be or The Subnet mask will most likely be If your router’s IP address is, then step six above would be

Next, login to your router. In your web browser, try and hit enter. If this brings you to your router’s login page, you can proceed to configuring. If not, then try 360 Port Forwarding

XBox 360 Port Forwarding in Linksys

Since router manufacturers each have different menus, you will need to look for Port-Forwarding in the menu. The example below is for a Linksys router.

You will need to do the following based on our examples:

Port 80 to 80 TCP

Port 88 to 88 UDP

Port 3074 to 3074 TCP

Port 3074 to 3074 UDP

Port 53 to 53 TCP

Port 53 to 53 UDP

Make sure those are all enabled. Once done, you should have successfully forwarded those ports to your Xbox 360 with the manual IP address you have configured. This should speed up your connection and make your router be in the “Open” state. XBox 360 port forwarding is a simple way to improve your XBox Live reliability.

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  1. Your ip address isn’t “” all the time.

    Open your network connections >
    Status >
    Support >
    Details, and look at your IP from there, along the lines of “192.168.1.*”

  2. I am sturggling, so far you have already provided more information any other post, but, my menus on my router config page is different, it is asking for…..
    Internal host IP adress:
    External Port:
    Internal Port:
    i need help to figure out what goes where if you could.

  3. I have the vodafone 3g usb modem (K4605). When I play online with my Xbox 360 I’m unable to join a party or play co op with a friend. It keeps on telling me that I must open the ports 80, 88, 3074 and 53.

    If any one just can help me with how to open these ports.

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