Gateway System Recovery

Gateway Direct systems went “media-less” back in several years ago. In the event of a system crash users could either restore their systems from the Recovery Partition OR from the backup media that they were prompted to create on first power-up — we would provide them with up to 5 blank CD-R discs depending on their system’s configuration.

Important Note: The information below pertains only to desktops, portables, and Profile Series with Windows XP SP2 purchased directly from Gateway.

Performing a Factory System Recovery with a Gateway Computer

Gateway System Recovery (R0 & R1) (available from September 2004 to June 2005):

  • The back up media for the operating system, drivers, and application software is saved on a D: partition on the hard drive.
  • In addition to the files located on the D: partition, the user is prompted 1 minute after the Out Of Box Experience (OOBE) to create backup CD-R disks for the software on the hard drive image for future use.
  • Blank CD-R media and instructions are provided in the system box for the new computer sales orders.
  • The kit consists of 5 regular blank CDs and instructions.
  • The blank media is listed on the order for any system that shipped with Gateway System Recovery Rev 1.
  • Typically “images” would only require 3-4 CDs.
  • Once the CD’s are made, the Operating System, Drivers, or Applications can be reinstalled using the files on the hard drive or the backup CDs. Note: After the end-user has successfully made a CD backup, the CD media creation option does not appear.

Gateway resumed the shipping of Operating System CDs with all new systems purchased directly from Gateway in June 2005. These systems still include a recovery partition on the hard drive which includes the drivers and applications. If a end-user wants the drivers and applications on CD media in addition to the Operating System, the end-user can use the Recovery utility program to create the CDs themselves. However the end-user must provide their own blank media.

Gateway System Recovery (R2) (available June 2005):

Key differences with Gateway System Recovery R2

  • Business Account end-users will receive both a CD with Operating System files and a CD containing Drivers and Applications.
  • Consumer-based systems will only receive a CD with Operating System files. Both Consumer and Business end-users can still create a Drivers and Applications CD from the start menu.
  • The Operating System files are included on a CD labeled “System Recovery CD/DVD”
  • When recovering a computer with this new solution, half of the solution is on the System Recovery CD/DVD and the other half is on the recovery partition and/or the Drivers and Applications CD.
  • There is no prompt to create the recovery media set or a Drivers and Applications CD.
  • The Recovery Media Creator icon has been removed from the start menu to prevent the user from creating additional backup media that has Operating System files.
  • No blank recovery media is provided with the computer.
  • On the factory load of the hard drive, the recovery partition will not contain operating system files. It only contains application and driver files.
  • The first time the recovery partition is used, it prompts the user to insert their System Recovery CD/DVD to copy files from the CD to the recovery partition.
  • The Drivers and Applications CD is not bootable and does not contain Operating System files.
  • The System Recovery CD/DVD is bootable but does not contain any application or driver files.
  • If the end-user erases the hard drive and restores the computer using the System Recovery CD/DVD and an Applications and Drivers CD, the recovery partition is not recreated

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  1. i have a gateway notebook that the hard drive crashed in. Geek squad rep said i need the recovery disk. in order to get in back to operation. where do i get this

          1. hey buddy do you still have the recovery disc for the ta6 tablet? let me know i need it bad if you can help me with let me know thanks alot

          2. If you still have the TA6 recovery disks, I would like to get a copy. Have a crashed drive.

            Thank you

  2. Gateway does not have the restore disks’ for this laptop because of its age as I have already had that conversation with them. If anyone knows where they can be bought it would be greatly appreciated. By just installing win xp tablet or win 7, all the drivers that let you use the pen, the digitizer screen or the buttons that convert it to tablet are not included.

  3. How can i PURCHASE A “GATEWAY windows xp 2000
    “””recovery disk”””…NO, WANT TO CONTACT GATEWAY.

  4. Well Looks Like Gateway Doesn’t Want To Help Us!
    I Have a Gateway M-1628 And Called Gateway, The Answer “It Is Not Longer Available” Just Because is Windows Vista They Don’t Have It Any More. I Bought a CD on eBay But It Didn’t Work, It Suppossed To Fix It But Nothing was Corrected, I Tryed To Do The System Restore, With Alt+F10 But Didn’t Get To The Rercovery Point, It Suppossed Stay There When I Turn On My Lap and Got To My Computer, There It is, Drive C: and Drive D: (The Rercovery Part)

    ***If Someone There Has a Same Lap Like Mine, I Would Like If it Is Possible, Buy a Copy Of The eRecovery CD or DVD if You Have Created one****
    We Can Contact And Get The Way To Pay For The CD or DVD And Where To Send It!!

    1. You can always buy a WIndows disk. Since it’s running Vista, it should have no problem running Windows 7. It’s always better to have a genuine install disk, anyway in my opinion.

  5. I have a desktop running Windows XP (Gateway). I had to use my receovery disk, watched it do its thing, reloaded and restarted my computer, everything was fine for about a week, then blank screen again. I us the recovery disk one more time and it said something about needing to create user partition, it tried and could not create, so the recovery shuts down, and that is it. What should I try now? Any suggestions?

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