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bios password

You’re locked out of your computer and need to reset BIOS password. There are two types of passwords your computer might be asking for when you first boot up the PC: The first is the BIOS password and the second is a Windows password. The difference between the two is pretty extreme. A BIOS password locks you out of everything. You will not be able to enter the BIOS setup, boot into Windows or launch a CD or DVD. The Windows password merely restricts access to the Operating system, but you can still launch a CD and reformat the drive or do other pre-Windows configuration.

How To Perform A BIOS Password Reset

If a BIOS password has been enabled, there are a few things you can try to reset BIOS password. The first is to open the case and search for a BIOS password reset jumper. These will be a grouping of three pins. If the jumper is on pins two and three, move it to pins one and two and power up the system for a few seconds and power it down quickly. Some mobo manufacturers only require you to move the jumper for a brief time and then move it back to its original position. You may need to experiment with both techniques to get the BIOS password to revert. Then move it back to pins two and three. This turns off the BIOS password and enables you to go into the BIOS and setup a new one or simply keep it off.

You might also be able to reset the BIOS password by locating and removing the CMOS battery for an extended period of time. This technique only works some of the time.

Reset BIOS Password With Backdoor Passwords

Some BIOS manufacturers will also have a backdoor password. Locate the BIOS manufacturer on the BIOS chip (Award, AMI BIOS, Phoenix) and then search the Internet for a backdoor password.

Enabling a BIOS password is very extreme and should only be used in conditions when you feel your hardware is in danger of being tampered with. With a BIOS password, you run the risk of locking out your trusted employees, so make sure you have a plan in place to recover the BIOS password in an emergency. Reset BIOS password if necessary or disable this feature to avoid a problem in the future.

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