Should You Buy An All In One Computer

all in one computer

Should you buy an all-in-one computer? As you may already know, an all-in-one computer is a desktop built directly into the monitor. Consider it the PC version of Apple’s popular iMac. They’re growing in the marketplace and many of them also have touchscreen capabilities. When you walk into the showroom, you can instantly tell that these are modern, sexy computers. Sitting beside a normal desktop with its bulky external case, the all-in-one design seems like a perfect choice. But is it for you?

all in one computer

Benefits Of An All-In-One Computer

  1. Space-saver – All-in-one PCs essentially fit into the same footprint of your monitor, so you no longer have to place the desktop on the desk or the floor.
  2. Performance – While crammed into a smaller form-factor, an all-in-one computer should have all of the performance capabilities of an actual desktop.
  3. Screen Size – All-in-one desktop displays can range from 22 to 27 inches.
  4. Touchscreen – As with many emerging laptops, many all-in-one computer models are touchscreen capable.

Disadvantages Of An All-In-One Computer

  1. Price – In most cases an all-in-one computer will cost much more than a stand-alone desktop.
  2. Upgradable – While it’s true these systems can be upgraded, installing anything more than RAM will be a major project due to the unusual form-factor.
  3. It’s All-In-One – Because everything is integrated into the monitor, a motherboard failure means you can no longer take advantage of that beautiful 27-inch monitor.

At the end of the day it really comes down to personal choice. If upgrade-ability is important to you–if you want to add additional hard drives or install the latest gaming graphics card–then a desktop is the way to go. If you have limited space and want a powerful machine that will last you–as is–for the next few years, then the all-in-one computer is a great choice.

If you decide to get the all-in-one model, our recommendation is to spend as much as you can. Spending a little extra on RAM and hard drive space now will save you upgrade headaches in the future.

acrer aspire

Regarding the model, consider getting an all-in-one with a touch screen to take advantage of the Windows 8 Operating System. The Acer Aspire all-in-one is a great choice for those that want a large touchscreen display at their fingertips.

So are you a desktop or an all-in-one computer person? Let us know below.

1 thought on “Should You Buy An All In One Computer”

  1. On 2/22/2012 I bought an Asus All-in-One, type ET2410 for
    € 999 ($ 1250) – works fine, the music fills the room like a
    mini juke-box – it’s a dream to look at photo’s or a film
    On 2/4/2013 I get a blue screen with flashing cursor,so back to
    the shop for 3 weeks :BIOS update,replace HDD -have to reset completely –
    On 9/17/2013 USB ports and card slot at the left side don’t
    function – another 3 weeks to the shop : replace front cover and mainboard – have to reset again.
    I fancy buying a Lenovo All-in-One 27 inch with touch screen
    if only I could have it with Windows 7 installed.
    L. Huet at Antwerp-Belgium.

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