Computer Startup Beeps

If your computer startup beeps are continuous and will not boot into Windows you have some type of hardware problem. The beeping is a BIOS code being issued from the motherboard. The code is designed to inform technicians to the exact cause of the problem so it can be addressed. Some computers will use these beeps, while some machines use beeps in combination with diagnostic lights. Either way, everything you need to know about diagnosing a computer that is continuously beeping is well documented if you know what to look for.

Diagnosing Computer Startup Beeps

Computer Startup BeepsThe first step to diagnosing computer startup beeps is to find the make of the BIOS installed on the computer. There is a BIOS chip located on the motherboard that has this information printed on it. Once you locate the BIOS chip, you can search popular sites like BIOS Central for that BIOS and find what the corresponding beep code means. Unfortunately, some of the codes are very similar, so be sure to listen carefully and note how many beeps there are, and the duration of each beep.

So if your computer startup beeps on an Award BIOS that is high and low pitched, repeating over and over, this means the CPU is overheating or not seated properly. You won’t usually just get a beep code for no reason. Chances are, you have recently made some type of change to the system, whether you simply unplug and move the computer to the other side of the room, or you go into the case and blow out some dust. Re-seating the video cards and memory chips is usually a good place to start. Also, make sure all fans are working properly and all internal connections are tight.

Computer Startup Beeps Conclusion

Computer startups beep that are a continuous beep will often have something to do with a card that is not seated properly or some type of issue with the CPU. If you have questions about your computer, be sure to ask in our forums.

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