Computer Mouse Problems

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Computer mouse problems can be one of the most frustrating issues a PC user will experience. Aside from the keyboard, the mouse is the computer device people use the most. So if there is a problem with your mouse, it can virtually stop productivity. A jittery mouse, a mouse that moves too quickly or too slowly, or a mouse that doesn’t work at all–these steps will address some common mouse problems and their resolutions.

Steps To Fix Computer Mouse Issues

  1. Change mouse batteries if the mouse is wireless
  2. Clean the mouse laser camera
  3. Adjust mouse pointer speed
  4. Switch the primary mouse buttons in Windows
  5. Try a different USB port

The above is some techniques you can use to fix a mouse. Read below for more detail.

Common Computer Mouse Problems

To begin, a computer mouse is a consumable hardware device. You’re not supposed to keep the same tired mouse for the life of your PC. If you’re having problems with your old mouse, buy a new one and see if that fixes the problems. Even if it doesn’t, you now have a new mouse you’ll enjoy for months. These other issues can be resolved using the following methods:

Change Your Mouse Batteries – If you have a wireless mouse, change the batteries. Even if your mouse’s laser is still lit, your batteries might be too weak to allow the mouse to function properly. Weak batteries can produce a multitude of symptoms, so the first thing you should always try is replace the batteries.

Mouse Automatically Selects Everything – If your mouse automatically selects, you might have the ClickLock featured enabled. ClickLock allows you to select text with a single click and release. This is helpful if you have a lot of selecting to do or if you have problems holding the click down for an extended period of time. To access the mouse features in Windows 7, Click Start and type mouse into the dialog box.

computer mouse problems

Under the Buttons tab, uncheck the Turn on ClickLock option if it is checked. If you like the feature, you can tweak it by clicking the Settings button to adjust the length of time you need to hold the mouse button before ClickLock initiates.

computer mouse problems

Adjust Mouse Pointer Speed – If your mouse speeds across the screen or if your computer mouse is sluggish, try adjusting the mouse pointer speed. Click on the Pointer Options tab and move the slider to the left or right to adjust how fast your mouse moves across the screen.

switch right click button mouse

Other Computer Mouse Problems

Switch The Primary Mouse Buttons – If you left-click the mouse button and the options screen appears, you probably have your left and right buttons switched. You can fix this by unchecking the Switch primary and secondary buttons box. Click Apply and the settings will change back to default.

Mouse Is Jittery – If your mouse is jittery, you probably have a hair or other debris partially obstructing the laser of the mouse. Look into the laser–but not directly–and if there is something in there, try blowing it out.

Mouse is Not Detected – If your mouse is no longer detected, and if you turn the mouse upside down and there is no light, you might be having issues with your USB port. Unplug the mouse and try rebooting the computer. When the computer loads Windows, try plugging the mouse back in and see if it is detected. If not, try another USB device in that port and see if it works. If you continue to have computer mouse problems, troubleshoot the USB port. If another device works, then your mouse is dead.

4 thoughts on “Computer Mouse Problems”

  1. Okay my hp pavilion touchsmart laptop is being silly my mouse is on the laptop called a touchpad or what not and I can make the mouse move all over the screen but the stupid thing wont let me click on a damn thing I have been trying to figure this out looking it up where ever I could and still have not gotten an answer please help.

  2. I use the mouse, especially working online jigsaw puzzles. Recently, the mouse began to skim over the puzzle pieces instead of moving them when I clicked on them. Frustrating. I have (1) changed battery; (2) checked for something impeding laser; (3) changed speed of mouse and (4) changed USB port. What else can I do? Is getting a new mouse the answer? This mouse is 2 years old and I am using an HP with Windows 10.

    1. Hi Pat. Is this a laptop? If so, does the touchpad work ok with the puzzles? I ask because it may not have anything to do with your mouse at all, rather an issue with the puzzle program. Some of these use Flash or Javascript. Maybe the program is buggy. If web based, maybe try a different web browser–like Google Chrome or Firefox.

      If the touchpad works fine, then yes, I would invest in a new mouse. Good luck!

  3. Yes, it is a laptop. And sometimes the mouse gives me a problem during normal use. It does use Flash. And Google Chrome. I guess I’ll get a new mouse. Oh, and I never use the touchpad. Thanks.

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