How To Avoid Common Computer Repair Business Mistakes

electrostatic mat

Computer repair can be something you do in your spare time or a full-fledged business. As you gain more experience, however, you can become a little lax on protocol and forget some of the little things that can get you in big trouble with the customers or cost you money out of pocket. These are a few of the simple things computer technicians might forget or disregard when in the field.

Common Computer Repair Mistakes

Don’t forget about Electrostatic Discharge – Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the transfer of electrical charge from your body to an electronic device such as RAM, a motherboard or other vital computer component. It is more prominent in cool, dry environments.

electrostatic mat

If you work in the field a lot, you cannot control your environment. It is necessary to use a electrostatic wristband, or even better, an electrostatic mat.

A wristband is sufficient for quick jobs, but if you’ll be replacing motherboards or performing intricate work, you’ll need a safe surface to lay computer parts on. Get one here 23-Inch Anti-Static Grounding Pad .

Unplug the computer before working – We’ve seen power supplies blow up. It’s not a good feeling, especially because you know the power supply surge probably also damaged something else on the motherboard. Whether you’re checking connections or replacing RAM, take a second to ground yourself and unplug the computer.

Don’t talk down to clients – Let’s face it, geeks are not wired the same as normal people. It’s not that we’re unsociable, nor do we lack the skills necessary to communicate with living and breathing organisms. We just spend most of our days typing and plugging in cables. So when addressing a client, you need to be aware of the verbiage you use. Smile, look the client in the eye and make them feel comfortable. If you use a lot of tech jargon or unintentionally scold a client for doing something wrong, they may not call you back. This is one of the top complaints we hear about people dealing with computer repair services, so make sure you are on the exact opposite of the spectrum with your clients.

Never, Ever Delete Anything – There is no worse feeling in the world than realizing you have removed a picture or another document that cannot be recovered. Before you begin formatting or anything drastic, make a quick image of the drive or at least backup the user accounts directories in the computer. It doesn’t take that long. You can even leave the USB stick with the client afterward so they know you do not have access to any of their personal documents. Charge them an extra $10 for the backup media.

In conclusion, it’s the smallest of details that can get you in trouble in the field. Having computer knowledge isn’t always enough. A field tech must be all things to a client and never break protocols no matter how insignificant if you want your business to thrive.

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