Correct Voltage Setting On Power Supply

It is essential you have the correct voltage setting on your power supply selected based on the region you live. Your computer’s power supply may be using a manual voltage selector switch that can be set for different power requirements for various regions of the world. The manual voltage selector switch will usually be red and located on the rear of the computer where the plug attaches to the case. You will see a 115V and a 230V setting. Based on where you are in the world, the setting will need to be adjusted. For instance, the United States uses a 115V setting while much of Europe will use the 230V setting.

Correct Voltage Setting Without Switch

If your computer does not have this setting, it is probably using an auto-sensing voltage circuit or a fixed-voltage power supply. You can use the auto-sensing power supply anywhere in the world, as it will detect the correct voltage setting based on what is coming in. With a fixed-voltage power supply, a computer cannot work except in the region it was designed for.

Identify the Correct Voltage Setting

Most computers will have a regulatory tag on the power supply that specifies what type you have. If you are unsure what setting to use, look around the office or a location where other PCs are being used and see what their settings are. Or you can ask a local computer shop. But generally speaking, these settings will never need to be changed unless you are moving to a different country.

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