Corsair Power Supply

The power supply is consistently the most overlooked, undervalued component in the computer. After all, they are usually included when you buy a case. The power supply (PSU) is responsible for providing power to the major components of the computer, such as the motherboard, video card, hard drive, and DVD drive. Not only that, it must provide specific voltages to those components. In addition, it is the first barrier between your PC and the dirty electricity coming out of the wall. When you buy or build a PC, the PSU should be something you consider carefully, as it is as important as the video card, the RAM and the CPU.

Corsair Power Supply

corsair power supply
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Everyone knows the Corsair name. It is synonymous with quality RAM. They also produce high quality power supplies at a reasonable price. These are performance PSUs, just as their RAM is considered performance RAM. If you’re looking for an efficient and quiet power supply that provides consistent and reliable power to your components, Corsair is the PSU for you.

Another reason we recommend the Corsair PSU is that it is a modular form factor. This means all of the cables are not hard-wired into the power supply. Most power supplies are non-modular, which means they have a rat’s nest of unused cables clogging the air-flow of your PC. With Corsair and other modular power supplies, you only use plugs for the amount of components you have and you can always add more as you add new devices. buy a corsair psuThis improves the look of the build, as well as improving the air-flow which helps keep internal temperatures down.

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So if you feel your power supply is causing problems with your computer, such as frequent reboots, automatic shutdowns, or if it’s completely dead, we recommend spending a few extra dollars and purchasing a Corsair power supply.

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