Hard Drive Recovery Types

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Hard drive recovery is a serious matter. Many of us use our computers for business and personal tasks, and losing data on the hard drive for either of those can result in financial or emotional complications. Whether it’s a business proposal or family pictures and movies, some data simply cannot be replaced. If your hard disk has suffered a catastrophic event, you may still be able to get the data back. But you first need to understand how data loss can occur before you take steps to perform hard drive recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery
Internal hard drive mechanism

Various Reasons For Hard Drive Recovery

Recover Deleted Files

If you delete a file and then proceed to empty the Recycle Bin, you can still get the data back as long as you do not overwrite the old data that has now been allocated as free space. Just because you cannot see the data, it is still on the hard disk waiting to be overwritten. If this has happened to you, stop using the computer immediately and make arrangements to find hard drive recovery software or contact a professional to retrieve the data for you.

Hard Drive Electronics Failure

Hard disks have circuit boards just like other components in your computer. If the drive’s electronics have failed it will no longer show up in your computer. A professional can order the correct circuit board for that drive and install it. If the electronics replacement is a success, the drive should work just as it had previously, with all of your data intact.

Media Damage

Your hard drive has platters, an actuator arm and a read/write head. There are a lot of moving parts. If the head crashes on the platter, it can cause damage to the media. Since the data on the drive is scattered around, a head-crash can destroy many different files or parts of files. Media can also be damaged due to a disaster, such as a flood or fire. Media damage is one of the more serious types of data recovery scenarios.

Hard Disk Mechanical Failure

A hdd mechanical failure can be caused by a seized bearing or broken actuator arm or head. Technicians will need to take the drive apart and replace the defective mechanism with a matching part. Since this is done in a clean room repairing hard drives is a professional job.

Hard Drive Recovery Conclusion

Data recovery can be expensive. Obviously, the best solution for this is to have a good backup regiment. If you have lost files or other data, you will need to act accordingly based on the value of the drive. If the files are marginally important, buy software to try and retrieve it. If the data on the hard drive is priceless–either emotionally or literally, you’ll need to contact a hard drive recovery business and send the drive off to them.

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