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Every computer users knows there comes a time when you need to reference the manual for your computer. It may be when you first take it out of the box or it may be a year later when the warranty expires and the hard drive mysteriously dies. Either way, you’ll quickly find the user manual that says “Getting Started” is not detailed enough to help you solve any technical issues that arise with your computer. So you will want to download the “service manual” for your particular dell, HP or Acer computer.

Download Computer Manuals for Dell

You can download Dell computer manuals from the Dell support site. Dell will require that you put in a service tag located on the back of your PC or underside of your laptop. If you cannot find the service tag, you can put in the model number. The Dell site gives you the option to view or download the manual in PDF format. You should download and print it for future reference.

Download HP Computer Manuals

You can also Download HP computer manuals from the HP website. You will have to input the model number of your computer, such as Pavillion 7995 to a PDF format of your computer’s manual. Print it out and keep it in a safe place for reference.

Download Acer Computer Manuals

Download Acer computer manuals at the Acer support site. The Acer site gives you the option to select the type of device you have, then the model number. You can download and print out manuals for any of their products.

No matter which type of major brand computer you have, you need to make sure you get the service manual, as these are the most detailed manuals you can get for your computer. They will often have part numbers, pictures and other important details your original user manual lacks.

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