Hard Drive Does Not Show Up In BIOS

If your hard drive does not show up in BIOS of the computer, it will not be visible to Windows. There are several scenarios for this type of problem and we will try to address some of these along with their resolution. Unfortunately, hard drives are a commodity and need to be treated as such. If you have a hard drive running in your computer it is only a matter of time before it fails.

However, if you purchase a new drive, it should show up in the BIOS. If the hard drive does not show up in BIOS, gather as much information about your PC as you can and write it down. Such as the model and manufacturer of the drive, the manufacturer of the computer or motherboard, and the BIOS manufacturer as well as the version. The latter can often be found splashed across the screen when you first boot the PC.

New Hard Drive Does Not Show Up In BIOS

The very first thing to check are the jumpers if you have an IDE drive. An IDE cable can support two devices, one as a Primary and one as a Secondary. These are sometimes referred to as Master and Slave. The jumper pins on the back of the drive should be set to Master for the Primary and Slave for the Secondary. There is also a jumper for Cable Select which recognizes the drives based on their location on the cable. For simplicity, stick with the Master and Slave setup. If you have a SATA drive, you do not need to worry about jumpers.

Hard Drive Does Not Show Up In BIOS

If the jumpers are correct, but the new drive is still not showing up, go into the BIOS setup and make sure the drive detection is set to AUTO. If this doesn’t work, you can try going to the manufacturer’s website and get the breakdown of Sectors, Cylinders, etc and manually input the figures. But if it doesn’t auto-detect the drive, it probably will not detect it manually, either.

The next step in this case is to flash the BIOS. Check the motherboard or computer manufacturer for a newer version. Firmware updates will often correct this type of issue as well as improve the current functionality of your hardware.

Older Hard Drive Does Not Show Up In BIOS

If you had an existing drive and it and hard drive does not show up in BIOS anymore, the drive is probably dead. You can try changing cables and trying a different power connector, but if the drive worked and then no longer works, this likely means the drive has failed. Drives can stop working due to an electrical or mechanical problem. A mechanical problem with the hard drive usually manifests itself in grinding or squeaking noises, random crashes or data loss. Electrical problems can happen instantly, without warning.

Drive Shows Up In BIOS But Not In Windows

This is the more typical scenario. If the drive does report properly in BIOS, but not in Windows, then the drive has lost its partitioning. You can try right-clicking My Computer, select Manage and look for the Disk Management section. From here, you can partition and format the drive. If the drive had data on it that you want to try and recover, we recommend NOT trying to partition or reformat the drive, as this data can be lost forever. Instead, run file recovery software to attempt to recover the data first.

Popular Hard Drive Utilities

Try hard drive utilities such as Seatools for Seagate drives and Western Digital Data Lifeguard for WD drives. They can help you diagnose problems, copy files, and perform partitioning and formatting functions for those specific models.

If you have questions why a hard drive does not show up in BIOS or in Windows, join our forums or read our other hardware tutorials for more information.

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  1. hey guys.sumtimes my computer goes to a blue screen and says theres a critical error and your computer needs to be restarted.so it restarts.than it goes to black screen says no hard drive detected.
    i reboot buy powering off and it works again.
    i went to bios mode to see the order of the booting.and its all in order.
    i still don’t understand why it still does that.
    i have acer and i have vista

    1. Becasue it is stating “No Hard Drive Detected” I am concerned your drive might be failing. If you know the model of the drive, visit the manufacturer’s website and download their free utility to check the health of the drive.

  2. I have Vista & XP on my hard drive one is visible at start up and the other dont.
    When i open my computer i see that both systems are on the hard drive, can you help me please?

    1. Sounds like something has happened to the boot loader. If you once got a option to choose between the two when booting up and now it only boots directly into one, then an entry must have been removed that tells Windows to ask you. I recommend you join our forums and this question there–it might take some time to sort this out.

  3. Hi, I think I have a bit of a problem… I have an old Dell Dimension XPS with 2 hard drives. The main one, from 1998, works perfectly and almost silently. The second, however, from 2000, started making squealing sounds and frequent hollow-sounding quite high-pitched clicks. Now it isn’t detected. It’s spinning silently in the computer now, and isn’t detected. It’s a MPE3064AT made in 2000 by Fujitsu. Is it dead? Can I get any data from it?

    1. When the drive starts making noises, this usually means immanent death. It’s a physical problem–maybe a bearing has seized or read/write head fell off. If the has absolute critical data on it, you might be able to recover the data using a professional service that specializes in doing that.

  4. Hi there,

    I have a dell inspiron 1525 who already burnt once the HDD and now it did it again. HDD. Any idea of why this is happening? there is nothing wrong with the laptop, no noises made by the HDD, it works perfectly and when i try to boot it up the HDD is not found anymore and I have to buy a new one.

  5. hey I have a really stupid problem
    I have a drive that doesnt show up in an alienware laptop. BUT ALL OTHER DRIVES DO!! But it does show up in any other computer.

    This is that thing someone said CANNOT happen!!!!! WELL TO ME EVERYTHING THAT CANNOT HAPPEN DOES!!!!!

  6. Hey I’m hoping to get some answers here since I’ve done all i can to my knowledge of this sort of stuff. My computer worked fine i have had it for less than 2 years. It was running windows vista on an XFX motherboard and western digital SATA hard drive. One day the computer failed to boot and would not go further than the vista “microsoft corporation” green load bar screen at the begginging of boot-up. supidly i turned the computer off by holding my power button, this i did a few times since it continually got stuck on that screen. now the hard drive isnt recognized by the bios, will not show up under my computer when set as a slave on a different desktop and will not show up under my computer when attached to a USB data bridge. I downloaded a western digital lifeguard hard drive diagnostic boot file and when i ran it on startup it said no western digital drive detected. the drive spins, but apparently isnt recognized….is it far gone or is there ANY way i can get 2 years worth of vacation and emotionally valuble photos and files off this drive? PLEASE HELP

    1. So you cannot see any of the data under My Computer when attached as a slave?

      Have you looked at the settings in the BIOS to make sure the the drive is set to Auto Detect settings? Sometimes you can evn get the exact settings from the hard drive manufacturer and manually input the cylinders, sectors, etc.

      At least the drive is spinning up and getting power. I think you will eventually be able to get the info off–one way or another.

  7. Hi,can you help me with this issue..
    i have two internal HDDs one is WD(two years old) and a new samsung(master)..
    they were both working fine,but yesterday i left the pc on to download a big file.
    today i found that my older WD isnt working/spining just as no power is going into it i tried to change cables but still, its the hdd fault.
    should i send it for repair or is it dead for good ?! :S

    1. Sorry to hear that. I hope you had backups. If the drive isn’t spinning up and does not show up in the BIOS, it might have died. Have you tried adding it as a master on the secondary controller? Have you tried a different power connector?

  8. hello, need help, been trying fix this for days now!, I have 4 hard drives 2x WD 500GB and 2X Samsung 500GB, SATA port 0 is WD= O/S, “”1 is WD =Programs, “”2 is Samsung= Games, “”3 is Samsung=Films. My 2 WD drives are fine, but the 2 Samsung were the problem, I seemed to have fixed one of the Samsung’s and it shows up in the BIOS and in my Computer/Device Manager. But it is the Samsung with my games on that I’m having the most trouble with, it has shown in my BIOS but usually does not and then in my Computer/Device manager it never shows up on Start up of Vista, but if I put the harddrive in my hotswap bay and slot it out and then in again the Scan for Hardware changes it shows up but always disappears again after my PC has been switched off and on again, when
    I can see the harddrive in Vista I can play my Games from it and Copy to it absolutely fine, it also shows up as having no conflicts or faults. I don’t want to be slotting out/in the harddrive every time to get it to work as this is not going to do the connections any good at all. Is there any way I can change how my harddrives show up as Master/Slave in my BIOS as I can not change this, may be that is the problem.The harddrives are all SATA II 3GB/s rated, is the harddrive faulty I’m certain it is not my Motherboard as I have tried my WD drives on all SATA ports and they work great everytime, but if it is the harddrive failing or faulty why does it work fine when I shove it out/in my hotswap bay, doing this seems to start the harddrive spinning, but it won’t work in a normal connected place with a power and SATA connector. Is it a faulty harddrive or something not set correctly. I have tried all the usual stuff, the hardrive is lettered and partitioned, I’m thing maybe it is to do with Master and Slave settings but as they are SATA how do I change between the 2 and what drive should be what, as in which should be Master or Slave, as at the moment my O/S is Master, and the other are all different being both master and Slave, not sure exactly at this minute without looking in the BIOS though, how can I set these?, or don’t I. Ok this post is getting a bit long now, please I desperately need advise. Any ideas, but please explain how to do things clearly if you reply, many thanks. Mark

  9. I have a Dell Vostro 200 that is three years old. The hard drive was a 250 GB and it died so I replaced it with a new hard drive which is 1 TB. I am using a full version of XP Professional as the OS, and after it reformats the drive it starts stopping on some of the files it’s trying to copy. At the end of all that and it says it completed it successfully, I get the blue screen with the following message “STOP: C0000221 Unknown Hard Error\System Root\System 32\ntdll.dll” I have no clue what to try next – any suggestions?

    1. If this is an old hard drive it might have failed electrically–there’s nothing you can do about that. If this is a new hard drive, join our forums and ask your question there.

  10. If the hard drive is properly connected to the motherboard and it does not appear in the BIOS or does not load Windows, it’s quite possible the hard drive has died. You can try plugging it into a different SATA port on the motherboard, or maybe try swapping the power connected and cable with another SATA device (like the DVD drive) and see if that helps. But if it is not spinning up (is it) then it could be dead.

    1. This is a second hard drive? Did you look under disk management (right click Computer, select Manage, then Disk management). The drive may need to be partitioned and formatted in order for you to see it. It should still show up under the BIOS, though. weird.

    2. I have exactly the same problem. XP explorer and device manager show SATA hard drive I installed but it doesn’t show up in BIOS. Any ideas or solutions?

  11. I have a secondary Seagate internal terabyte drive that I am using for media storage. I went to work one yesterday and everything was fine, I left my Windows 7 system running as I usually do. I came home and the screen showed a stalled boot post display, and the last line said `Boot manager not found`. I had to reboot. At that point the bios stopped detecting my second drive and only detected the main drive and my DVD writer.

    Not sure why it was rebooting when I wasn`t there to tell it to do so, and also the boot manager message is confusing because that seems like it couldn`t find the C: drive at that point either.

    Need help, because I think this might be a mobo problem and not a drive issue. I have been having odd problems for a while, such as drive detection and boot sometimes fails when USB devices are plugged into the mobo… Could it be that some electrical problem is causing my SATA connection not to function rather than this being a dead drive issue? I certainly hope so…

    1. The drives might very well still be good. Since this problem has happened before, I would try the drives in another PC and see if you can get them to recognize the drives. This might be a motherboard problem, but it might also be a power supply problem. If the power supply is insufficient, the drives might be causing it to fail when they begin spinning up.

  12. Old cpu died. Pulled the IDE hard drive out and put it into a new CPU as a 2nd hard drive. I used an IDE to SATA converter to hook it up. But its not showing in the bios.

  13. Hi,I have a 80GB toshiba hdd2d38 hard drive which started to hang recently.after removing its top cover casing and fixing it back,it would run from the bios but when it comes to the windows startup page,it remains like that and I realized that the disk don’t make any sound at that point till I power it off.what should I do resolve the problem?thanks

    1. The top casing of the hard drive? Or the computer? Not really sure what the problem is, but based on the hard drive size, it sounds like an older drive that may have died. If there is data on the drive you need, you can try hooking it up to an external case or installing it as a second drive in a working computer and then pull the data off.

  14. Hi. The hard drive on my Fujitsu-Siemens (windows xp) computer has started acting up. At startup the hard drive isn’t detected and the only way to boot up is if I have an external drive or a memory stick connected, then do a hard reboot (holding the power button down), disconnect the external drive, and start up. This way the hard drive is detected and windows starts up without problems.

    Secondly, while working on the computer it sometimes makes the sound of powering off without actually powering off. Usually this results in a short freeze after which everything works fine again. This has happened four times in as many days now and in fact the above problem manifested right after the second issue first appeared (which I answered with a hard reboot).

    The computer is admittedly old and the only parts I’ve replaced is a new video card (a few years ago) and added more memory.

    Is there a way to solve the issue or is it time to really start looking for a new computer? Thanks.

    1. Well, my suggestion would be a new computer. But you can certainly get a new hard drive and put Windows on that. Do you have a Windows XP disk? If not, you might look into Ubuntu Linux–it’s quite Windows-like. With that said, a new hard drive will set you back almost $200 these days. A new computer might be around $500. I always recommend updating an older computer if it is within your budget.

  15. i have a 80 gb samsung internal hard drive, its detected in device manager and not in explorer, in device manager its showing but with different symbols and alphabets name. any idea on how to detect and recover files from it.

  16. Hi Dave, i have a old Vaio VGN-FS115M with a Hitachi 80Gb hard disk. My problem is that when i turn off my computer and turn it on next morning Bios no longer recognize it. Then i “play” a litle starting up from Hirens boot cd from cd drive and i go to Gparted software, then i exit and restart my computer, and voilá Bios can recognize my HD again, i start Windows and i can do what i want without any fails or errors during all day. I think its not a battery cmos problem, because time and date are always right. I also run every kind of disk tests from hirens boot cd and everything seams to be alright, no errors at all. BUT next morning, the same old story, BIOS don´t recognize my HD Hitachi 80Gb until i play with some progs in hirens boot cd. LOL, what could you tell me about this weird or peculiar problem??

    Thanks for your free work in here.

    1. I would replace the battery anyway if the computer is more than three years old–they’re only a couple of bucks. I would also consider a BIOS update. Look on the VAIO site for your model and see if they have any BIOS updates available, otherwise, you may need to figure out what motherboard and BIOS is currently installed and then go directly to the BIOS manufacturer for the update.

      1. Thanks for your fast reply, i already update my bios to the lastest one (BIOS Update – R0104J0) successfully. Also i loaded CMOS defaults just to try understand devices sequence order, and than i changed that to a diferent sequence just to see if Cmos change that sequence to defaults again if there´s no energy on it, but thats not like that, sequence of devices is the same and also time and date are both right.

        -Do you think the problem could be battery cmos??
        -Could be HD problem even with no errors in all Hard disk tools in hirens boot cd??
        -Could be a “flat cable” of HD problem??

        Also i already did a Low Level Format to HD, and i also replace MBR just in case… but the problem is not solved.

        Thanks Dave.

  17. Hello Dave!

    Drive nº1 is the drive that I had already installed. (SATA 1)
    Drive nº2 is a drive that I only use as a backup. (SATA 1)
    Motherboard: Asus P8H67-V

    Both of the drives have Windows 7 64 bit installed.

    Up until yesterday I used to have only Drive nº1 connected to the computer, but today I tried to connect both of them and now the BIOS only detects Drive nº2 (and my sata DVD player).

    When I boot up the computer, it loads Windows from Drive nº2 : and both of the HDDs are detected on “my computer” ( both of the HDDs work perfectly )

    Why don’t both of the HDDs show up on Bios, and why can’t I choose which drive to boot from when I boot my PC?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. If you installed Windows on drive 2 with drive 1 installed, it should have added something to the bootloader giving you the option to boot to either drive. Did you install Windows on drive 2 with drive 1 removed?

  18. Hello Dave…my situation is a bit different than you have analyze. I hope you can assist me.

    My ‘system Device Info’ says ‘none’ for Primary Hard Drive. However, I can take my hard drive out and put it in a caddy, attach it to my other computer via USA and all the files are there and readable.

    Do you have any suggestions for me ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Not sure if this is a Sata drive or an IDE drive….but have you confirmed the jumpers are set properly? Have you checked/replaced the cable? Or if it’s an IDE drive a=have you tried hooking it up to the secondary IDE controller? Was it running in that computer before? If not, maybe try a BIOS update. Good luck. Try joining our free forums and ask there, as well. Maybe someone else will have an idea that can help.

  19. Hi, Dave I got a 500GB WD model WD500AVDS and it will only spin up at boot with Linux and not windows, when i try with Windows it gets a blue screen at boot and restarts, the only way I can get it to work with Windows is if I spin it up with Linux and turn the power on and the off and then on real fast and eject the Linux disc real quick. Then windows will read it fine, then on a power off same thing blue screen again. Do you have any suggestions I could fix this permanently thanks Jon.

  20. Hi, Dave, it is a spare I got from a friend and he used it for Linux only and gave it to me when he upgraded to 1TB. The way I described is the only way it will spin up on boot in a PC, is there any software that can fix this, Thanks. Jon.

  21. Hi Dave,

    I just installed a used Maxtor 6L040J2 40GB Slave drive in my old Dell Dimension 6550 Desktop running Windows XP SP-3… what an ordeal!

    Dell says to use cable select option which I finally did after being coached by Maxtor’s install instructions to use [master] option on the Primary and [none] on the Secondary… didn’t work!

    Since my installed Master was a Maxtor 6L040J2, I thought cloning my slave would make plug and play a breeze because the BIOS and driver information had already been installed? Plug and play announced ‘New Maxtor Hardware found’ but the balloon didn’t stick around to play?

    When I went to My Computer… the anticipated new Drive: F still wasn’t there? I rebooted in Setup to verify that the Secondary Hard Drive was set to Auto… it was! There was no native (manual) install option listed under Dell’s BIOS menu options so I left it at Auto! I rebooted in Setup and BIOS showed the Second Hard Drive to be a Maxtor with 37.19 GB!

    Went to My Computer there was still no F: Drive but the C: Drive properties showed both drives listed… only I couldn’t figure our how to access the second drive and give it a letter?

    I reluctantly installed Acronis’ MaxBlast5, stepped through the program, and got Drive F: to appear on My Computer… hooray! I could finally access my new slave drive… but wait there’s more!

    When I tried to print a document from my laptop to the attached printer it gave me an error message saying there was print spooling problem. The internet buzz said to experiment with increasing stack register settings caused by certain programs: Acronis and Norton were listed among them… I’d been running Norton forever with no problems so I completely uninstalled Acronis MaxBlast5 and the print problem disappeared completely without having to make any register settings.

    Drive F: still appears on my Computer and I can now access Shared Files between both computers which I couldn’t do after installing MaxBlast5.

    Q. Was MaxBlast5 a burner software?

    Q. Do you think the new drive will operate OK without MaxBlast5 installed on my PC?

    Sorry for the lengthy explanation… I’m complicated!

    1. Hi Fred. Yes, the drive should work fine. Maxblast is just a partitioning and formatting utility supplied from the manufacturer. Once the drive is formatted, the utility is no longer needed. Glad you got it working.

  22. Hello Dave,

    I have some trouble. I put my laptop hard drive Seagate ST950042 0AS 500 gb (it stopped working) into external enclouser and plug into my other laptop throughr USB. I see disk under Devices and Printers as USB to S-ATA now but everything is empty. I can hear disk working but not light is on indicator of external enclouser.

    I installed Hard Disk Sentinel and the disk is shown but no action on the disk.

    Can you please help me to solve this problem that I could recover some data?


  23. hi dave

    i have 2 HD connected. but only one is working, other one gets detected in the BIOS but not in windows. i even tried in disk management. it shows only the first one.

    there are lot of important files in that 2nd HD.

    what to do????

    1. Jane. I’m not sure if these are SATA drives or older IDE drives. If IDE, have you confirmed the jumper on the back of the drives are set correctly–Master, Slave or Cable Select? Or, try a Live DVD such as Ubuntu Linux. You can burn the .ISO file to disk and boot to the DVD. It might see the second drive that Windows missed. You can then move the files off. Good luck. Join our forums is you need more help.

  24. Hi
    I have toshiba satellite pc p755 . I had an error such as :” reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key”
    I checked bios and had to shaked a little bit
    My pc to see my hdd as I was told maybe issue with connexion . I tried to do a restore using system disaster recovery at start up but it freezes on starting disaster recovery. Boot manager was missing. I removed HDD and put it back then hdd not present ( had that noise tactactac) . Guess it is dead even though it is new ( 4 months). Now i can t hear the noise anymore , but still not present.I ve got a windows 7 64 disk repair taking from an hp laptop.when I put it it shows x boot ( 100 mb) an D drive ( windows 7 ) .is it a hiding partition from my hdd? It is not dead? Is it possible to use it to do a disaster recovery disk?

  25. I have a nc 6220 I know very old but my problem is, that when I turn it on I get a 163 Date and time not set. The thing is when I go into my setup there is no option to fix that. What do you think may be the solution

    1. You probably need to replace the CMOS battery on the motherboard. If you open the case, you should see a battery that resembles a watch battery–but is about the size of a nickel. Take it to your local electronics shop and they’ll give you a replacement (Radio Shack, Best Buy, etc….). A dead CMOS battery will cause you to lose your time, Date and other settings.

  26. Hi Dave,

    I have a Seagate SATA2 HDD that I’ve been using for 4.5 yrs trouble-free until last week I get a BSOD turning computer back on from sleep mode. Upon restart BIOS couldn’t find the HDD, so I figure the HDD’s done. Ok, went out and bought an OCZ SATA3 SSD for primary boot drive, as well as a WD SATA3 HDD as storage drive. Loading windows 7 x64 took almost 3 hours! Upon finishing, I went to various manufacturers’ website to get latest drivers for motherboard, video card, etc. (including restarts and such) and then shut down for the day. The next day I turn on the computer to find that it won’t load into windows (the msg you get when they can’t find your drive). I go into BIOS and sure enough it couldn’t find the new SSD, but it found the new HDD. Turned off computer, pulled the SATA cable and plugged it back in. It worked, I got into windows. Next day, same thing happened. So I tried swapping SATA slots, it worked. BIOS can now see the SSD, but still couldn’t load into windows (yes I swapped the boot priority in BIOS). Turned off computer and replaced the SATA cable, but loading into windows was still “by chance”. Based on your past experiences, do you think it’s a wonky power supply or mobo’s starting to give? Thanks.

    1. I’m not sure. Maybe try a BIOS update for the mobo…there’s probably a new BIOS since the computer is so old. Sometimes that fixes weird problems like this. If you still have issues, try posting in our forums for additional help. Good luck.

  27. Hello, I’ve got a strange problem with my hard disk. It’s a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, and the problem is, the BIOS doesn’t see it, but when I boot from a system disk, be it Linux or Windows, then they both see it, and I’m able to install any of them, format the disk, make partitions… But when I restart, the BIOS continues to fail to see it. My motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9.
    I think it might be a BIOS problem, but I’m not sure.
    Where do you think is the problem?

    Thanks in advance

  28. Hi, i am running two hardrives a 74gb WD and a 1.5TB WD both SATA drives, the problem I am having is that sometimes they are both not detected in bios (the hdd light doesnt turn on either) untill i reboot a few times and also when in opperation they can randomly stop functioning. I have replaced the CMOS battery and tried different cables aswell as formatted them. Is this likely to be a PSU error as sometimes they work just fine? Thanks

    1. Hard drives can be taxing on a system when they first spin up. I would definitely make sure you have a powerful, name-brand PSU in the system. Have you tried running just one for a while to see if that behavior persists? I would also consider flashing the BIOS if you’re comfortable doing so–just in case this is a known issue that was fixed in an update.

  29. i have external 1tb wd5000aav external usb. accidentally snatched from usb port with my foot and it only shows 500gb now. half gone.i tried partition recovery programs and tesdisk is the only one to show half as unreadable. it sees the other 500gb fat format and the other recognisable is the 500gb ntfs. how do i get it the other half of the drive back??!!

  30. Hello Dave,

    I recently purchased a new hard drive for my Dell Compaq nx6110, I put it in, and it has no memory or anything on it, I kind of expected that as my desktop acer did that also, and I cannot afford the recovery disks, but I do have a copy of Windows Vista Ultimate x32. Would I still be able to run the computer with just the Windows?


    1. Are you replacing the current drive or using this as an extra drive? The drive needs to be partitioned and formatted. If you are replacing the existing drive, the Vista disk will do this for you when you perform the install. If this is an extra drive, you can partition and format it using Disk Management in the Admin Tools section of the Control Panel. If you have other questions, please join our free forums for additional help. Good luck!

  31. Hello Dave,

    I have Segate 500GB Hard drive, The hard drive is not found in bios and its not booting. I have kept this hard drive as slave in another pc and its also not showing. Is the hard drive dead. Please advice me… Thanks Mahesh

    1. I would go to the seagate website and see if they have any free diagnostic software (like SeaTools) to test the drive. Can you hear or feel the drive spinning up? If not, that’s bad news and could mean an electrical board problem with the drive. I would post your findings on out forums, as we have other techs available there that can help you troubleshoot this issue. Good luck.

  32. Hello, I have currently 3 old hard drives that I’m trying to connect to my computer to see what they have. The first one was using SATA, and it went through the BIOS and PC. Everything went fine with the first HDD.

    The second HDD used IDE, and it went through as well. The BIOS picked it up, and I was able to see everything on Windows 7.

    The third HDD uses IDE as well, but it does not get picked up in the BIOS. The HDD spins (that means power is clearly working), but the BIOS just doesn’t pick it up. I’ve tried many different jumper settings, but nothing would work. Any tips? And no this HDD does not get the click of death .


    1. I don’t suppose you have an external enclosure you can try it in. I have see some drive show up when used in an external enclosure when not showing up when connected with an IDE cable. Or maybe see if you can connect it to a different computer. The good news is, the drive is spinning up and not making any odd clicks or grinding sounds. As a last resort, you can try either manually typing in the cylinders, sectores, etc instead of having the BIOS auto detect it. A lot of times you can get this information from the manufacturer’s website. Good luck. Join our forums …maybe some of the other techs will have ideas.

  33. Hi

    I have a Advent 7201 laptop, which when started I get the Advent logo, 2 options for bios and multi boot then the screen goes blank and all there is, is a flashing cursor on the top left of the screen? I have tried pressing F8 to get into the options to recover the machine but this does not work.
    I have bought a recovery CD but this does not work either.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to this problem? Is this a HDD failure or a software issue??


  34. G’day Dave, I have a really weird one for you!

    I have a Corsair Force 3 120GB SSD. Was working perfectly in my macbook pro 17″. Tried to copy the contents of one partition to a new partition and something went wrong, from that point the drive would behave erratically (I assume the partition table was damaged). On the mac, the drive would show up but the partitions would not/could not be mounted. On the PC I managed to wipe the partitions and create a new fresh GPT partition map and FAT32 partition. Now that the drive was being detected (with its new partition), I attempted to run a few partition recovery tools. This somehow caused a much more severe problem. Not only does the drive fail to appear in MAC OS Disk utility and Windows disk management (regardless of whether I run it internally or via an enclosure), it does not even appear in the BIOS on the PC! It just causes a long hard drive detection phase at POST and is then not detected at all.

    Is it possible that severe partition problems have caused the drive to be undetectable by the BIOS (I have never heard of such an occurrence)?! What do I do now?



    1. Mike, since his might take a lot of back and forth, please join our forums at http://www.pctechytes.net and ask this question there. There are other techs that have SSD hard drive experience that will be able to help you troubleshoot this issue. In my experience, though, partition problems should not cause the drive to not be detected in BIOS. See ya on the forums!

  35. Dear Sir,

    I have gotten a serious, hectic problem. “HDD not found”.
    I have checked system’s cables, power supply and also changed them but in vain.
    I have changed the HDD it also does not work, I have SATA system by the way, but when i connected it with an external USB adopter, it worked well. HUH! I’m worried why is not it working when i connect it on the motherboard. D41RQ Intel.
    Second my HDD works well on other computers but not on mine.
    I have checked all 4 slots of SATA HDD on motherboard all say same error.
    Seagate 160GB

    Bios …. I have changed the cell of motherboard and reset the bios but still no positivity.
    I think my HDD knows me.

    Thank you

    1. Do you have another hdd you can test on that board? It seems like the controllers on the motherboard have failed if the hard drive is working on other computers.

  36. i have a 160 gb WD sata harddisk.. when i connect it with my PC, my bios showing only “harddisk” but not showing its ID.. seems that bios is not recognizing it.. but i used it before and it runs fine but after some days this prob is showing.. i tried in another PC, had swapped every cable and tried in several OS..but result it same…

    is there anything with the harddisk logic card or its firmware?? please throw some light..


  37. My bu3 LCD cable broke, before this my computer was fine. When I replaced the cable I had an error stating check cable connection pxe-mof : exiting intel pxe rom operating system not found. I turned LAN off on bios and re-run and just came up this time operating system not found the bios doesn’t find the HD could this be the cable causing this or is it definitely the hard drive

  38. I have a similar problem.

    I have a dell demension 8200 desktop which was seriously infected where I could not do anything with it. So I tool the hard drive and connected it to the external case and linked it with my other desktop, retrieved the files from this drive and formatted the drive. I installed this drive back into my dell deskptop and popped in my XP CD to see if I can install the OS.

    Unfortunately in bios and in reboot it tells me drive is not recognized. So I downloaded a bios from DELL for this machine. Upon the reboot it is not doing anything eventhough floppy drive is in the boot sequence. So I am not sure if the infection messed with BIOS or it is something else.

    By the way I can use this drive as external drive and it spins as well.

    Hope to get an answer here. Thanks in advance.


  39. Hi Dave, please help. I have newly acquired an e-machines E3031 (ms-2707 ver.2 mother board) hardly used from new. It came with an 80gb hard drive IDE but noticed it had Sata connections so I bought a used Maxtor 1TB HD. I connected it up Ok and it showed in Bois and windows. I used Acronis Migrate easy to clone it being careful to make sure that it was as a bootable disc. Also had formated it through windows and checked it for errors before.
    Once cloned however Bois no longer recognises it but windows does (defraggler, Acronis, disk management and can even directly access content in it). I had only 2 days ago updated the Bois.
    Please help.
    Many Thanks


  40. So dave, i have a problem, not in the BIOS though. I have 2 drives. One is a OCZ Agility 4 128GB SSD (OS) and the other one is a Western Digital Black Caviar 1TB HDD(all other documents and stuff). So, both show up in the BIOS ( the WD HDD wasnt showing in EZ mode, but I was able to find it in the advanced mode ) but I cant use the HDD as a drive in Windows, and by that I mean: it has been formated ( even though it is a new drive ) and partitioned, it does show up in Disk Management but i doesnt show up in Computer/Disk Drives. I really need it to work since the SSD is just an OS drive.

      1. Oh ok, I figured it out. I had already re-partitioned. I had to go into Windows and assigne a letter (C:,G:). I ended up using (G:) because my SSD was already using C: . Happy i figured it ou. Thanks anyway Dave !

  41. Well, anyway i figuered one of my problems. My ”new” problem is with the internet connection. Ok so here it goes. Right out of the box my Sabertooth Z77 wasnt able to connect to the Internet. Thats ok. So i thought, lets install the drives that come in the cd with the MOBO right ? Apparently the drives need to install something like SNMP. So I went into Windows Computer(right click)/Management. There I found a Windows drive for the Internet connection. Clicked install and bang, windows pop up saying i shouldnt install the drive. I did it anyway. After some ”next” clicks, I got a ”Windows couldn’t install the drive” or something like that message. So, summing it up, I am still without Internet connection. Any ideas ?

  42. So dave, i have 2 hdd on my pc one WD 80GB connected via IDE cable and a new one WD 1TB connected via sata. I plug the new hdd to powersorce and sata socket and when i turn on the pc i can feel it runing, but when i enter in device manager i see a yellow exclamation mark near sata connection. I try enter in bios but i don’t see any sata configuration only ide configuration and that are on auto. So i can’t see my hard in bios or in my computer, what should i do next?

    1. Is this a custom build? If so, I would check to make sure the motherboard drivers are loaded. You can get the drivers from the motherboard directly from the manufacturer’e website.

      1. yea it’s a custom build i solve the problem i use a jumper on the new 1tb hdd to make it slave and it works, i try installing drivers but i haven’t any results. thanks anyway

  43. Hello, I run Windows 7 64bit and I just installed and double checked the connections for a 1TB seagate HDD. I used a Sata connection to my 2 y/o MB and I had to get a converter for the 4pin to sata power. I tried different connecters and different sata ports in my MB.


    It is not showing up in my Bios or Disk management, only my normal 250gb hdd.

    Any suggestions?

  44. I have an Hp touchsmart and the hard drive went out. I took it back to Frys to have them replace under my extended warranty. I got it back and it had no operating system on it so I took it back and the put the operating system back on however the very next day it had the same hard drive error and the bios still show the original hp hard drive which leads me to believe the hard drive was actually never even replaced. Can someone confirm my assumption. I would think the Bios would show the new hard drive.


    1. I have no way of knowing–unless you wrote down the serial number of the original drive. Since it’s still under warranty I would have them fix it again.

  45. hey i have a problem
    whenever i restart computer it beeps and in bios no hard drive is found i m using sea gate and i have unistall the windows and then unplugged the cable but when i have reconnect it then when computer starts it beeps and it says press f1 to continue and f2 to setup .. when i press f1 it says no boot device available
    please kindly help me

  46. if you can help, I have a dell inspiron 15R with a 320g sata hdd. it 3 years old. it started booting slow then slower after a window 7 update which was attempting to install IE11 which failed repeatedly. it then would niot boot at all. I try a restore and got nowhere and system restore from dvd and message no hdd space, same with a win 7 disk I borrowed. Bios now does not list the hdd at all. I took it apart and reset the hdd as recommended but that did nothing. where do I go from here; I was thinking trying a new hdd (price is about $70) and then install the recovery disks if the HDD works OK. should I install a new cable to the mobr also while I got it apart? any other better ideas would be appreciated. Not concerned with data on the Hdd its all on an external drive.

    1. It should be necessary to replace the cable unless you see that it is damaged. The recovery disks might or might not work with the new drive. Sometimes there is info on the drive that the recovery disks look for when installing. A normal Windows DVD will work if you have that. Either way, it does sound like your drive it shot. Not sure who your manufacturer is but you might want to check with them before buying a drive to see if the recovery media will work. Good luck. Any more questions, please use our forums where more techs can respond.

  47. Hello, I have an older wd 10 ezex blue1 tb internal hdd (2014). plugged it into a new build and it shows up in bios as something there but no name or size, all bios shows is 0.0. It does spin up but it does not show up anywhere else.
    Gigabyte B360M DS3H motherboard,Windows 10 pro, intel I3 8100, PNY CS1311 SSD is the main drive, any ideas would be appreciated.

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