Multi-functional LaCie WiFi NAS

The LaCie WiFi NAS (Network Attached Storage) device is more than your average backup solution. The LaCie drive can act as a WiFi router or a Wireless Access Point, extending your wireless network while providing massive storage space for backups, streaming multimedia and other file sharing. Backing up your data is essential, and this NAS makes the backup process less of a chore. You can configure Windows Backup to save directly to the drive, or if you use a Mac, you can set that as your Time Machine backup location.

Setup The LaCie WiFi NAS

Insert the setup disk into your computer. You will be asked if you want to use this as a NAS or a router. If you already have a router, you will want to use this as a WiFi NAS. Select “Do not enable WiFi” from the options. You cannot run the wireless until the setup is complete. You will then be prompted to connect the LaCie drive to your computer. When your computer finds the drive, you can configure its IP address, password and WiFi capabilities

The LaCie WiFi NAS model, Wireless Space, is clearly a unique NAS and we highly recommend it if you do not already have a backup storage solution. The box includes the LaCie Wireless Space, Ethernet cable External power supply, Utilities CD-ROM and User Manual, Quick Install Guide.

Lacie WiFi NAS
LaCie Wifi NAS

LaCie WiFi NAS Features

  • Compatible with wireless b/g/n standards
  • Acts as a router or an access point
  • Perform multimedia streaming
  • Compatible with Windows backup and Time Machine
  • Three Gigabit Ethernet ports

LaCie is known for their external drives, but having a built-in wireless access point put this drive far above others in its class. The LaCie WiFi NAS is a great addition to any growing network.

Read more about the LaCie Wireless Space 1 TB Wi-Fi here.

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