Monitor Your Hard Drive Temperature

Hard drive health

The hard drive is one of the hardest working computer components in your case, so you’ll want to monitor your hard drive temperature if you suspect it’s running hot. Your computer begins to run slow and lags. While this could indicate a hot CPU, you could also be experiencing the symptoms of an overheating hard drive. Hard drives are made up of moving parts that spin quickly and generate heat. The resulting heat will not only cause the hard drive to slow down, but the heat it generates can cause the CPU and video card to overheat.

Program To Monitor Your Hard Drive Temperature

So how do you monitor your hard drive temperature? There are many programs you can run to monitor the temperature of your hard drive, but HDD Health is a lightweight applications that quietly runs in the background and accesses the S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring-and-Reporting-Technology) built into modern hard drives. Aside from the hard drive temperature, HDD Health will also display some important information about our hard drive, such as model and firmware version.

monitor your hard drive temperature

Monitor Your Hard Drive Temperature And Cool It Down

So how do you cool down a hot hard drive? You should clean the intake fans that draw air in through the front. If your case does not have an intake fan, just make sure the grill area at the front of the case is free of debris. You case might also have a fan that pulls hot air out of the case through the back. If it does not, the power supply will. Make sure the grills on the inside of the power supply and the back of the case are clear.

Make sure you do not stack hard drives on top of each other. If you have more than one hard drive, try to space them a couple inches apart.

Another thing you can do to cool off the hard drive is defrag it. The less a hard drive has to work, the cooler it will run. Lastly, make sure the cables are arranged inside the case in such a way that air can flow through the front and out the rear with little resistance.

The cooler your hard drive runs, the cooler the ambient temperature inside the case will be. Monitor your hard drive temperature and it will improve the general health and reliability of your PC for years to come.

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