Monitoring Computer Temperature

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Computer Temperature

Let’s talk about monitoring computer temperature. You will generally hear people discussing the weather conditions at length. The temperatures of a place determine the heat or the coldness. Have you ever thought about the phrase “computer temperature?” I guess not. This is a very unique term as you generally do not associate temperature to a computer. However, you may be surprised to learn that computer temperature is of extreme importance and relevance. The adequate functioning of a computer has a lot to do with the computer temperature. You should be aware that the gadgets are man made products and excessive heat can damage them. The computer is no exception and if you want your computer to run smoothly, then you should learn about computer temperature so that your pc is not harmed or damaged. You should monitor the temperature of the CPU and all the other parts on a regular basis so that there are no obstacles in the functioning of the computer. Just as we use a thermometer to gauge our temperature, there are certain applications that can aid you when monitoring computer temperature.

Monitoring Computer TemperatureImportance of Monitoring Computer Temperature

Monitoring computer temperature is very important and relevant as it helps you gauge the temperature of the device so that your gadget is not harmed in any way and functions smoothly. When the computer was a very bulky device in the 1980’s the engineers designed it keeping in mind that heat would be emitted by the gadget that may or may not result in the malfunctioning of the device. Hence, certain cooling aspects were needed but not really demanded by the public. The heat was its best at the bubble burst in the 90’s as every home had a computer. The emission of heat increased as computer systems became more complex than their ancestors in every manner. Today, chip makers are getting better at making lower heat and lower power CPUs. However, we still need to watch the CPU temperature, especially if you have multiple hard drives, a high-powered video card, or multiple video cards.

Monitoring Computer Temperature

You must have often heard people complaining the computers get heated very easily. This is one of the most common problems and you should know the max temperature of your CPU. This can be found at the manufacturer’s website or even in a monitoring computer temperature application. You may have gotten a CD that had been given to you along with the motherboard that contains a temperature utility. If you have lost or misplaced the CD, you can use freeware that is found easily. A few good temperature-monitoring applications are Core Temp and Speedfan. Some of these utilities, including the one that came with your motherboard, may have a feature that will alarm the user if the temperature gets too high. This is very helpful as it can prevent damage to the computer.

How to Lower Computer Temperature

Monitoring computer temperature is essential to keep your computer healthy. Two free and quick ways are to clean out your computer case and to move the computer to a cooler environment. Cleaning out the computer case can make sure that all fans are running at 100% efficiency. Moving the case to a cooler environment will help by getting cooler air into the computer case that will cool the hardware quicker. If these are not enough, then you can lower the CPU temperature by adding fans, upgrading your computer case, or upgrading your CPU/video card heat sinks. Most of these options are not expensive, but they will require a purchase and some installation time. Read other computer hardware articles here.

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  1. Computer motherboard uses CMOS technology which is easily prone to heat. It can give severe damage to PC. That is the reason why server are keep under air cooling. Fan inside CPU servers as heat dissipated, you can also change its specifications.

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