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If you’re building your own computer or are considering upgrading your existing PC, you need to make sure your power supply is adequate by using a power supply calculator. There are great power supply calculators on the Coolermaster and Outervision websites that have virtually every possible configuration you will encounter on a motherboard. This tool will give you a general idea of the size of PSU you’ll need to power your computer. It’s probably a good idea to use that number as a minimum requirement and always get a power supply rated a little higher.

Use a Power Supply Calculator before upgrading your PSU
Power Supply Calculator

What A Power Supply Calculator Does

The PSU calculator will give you numerous options from CPU, fans, memory, video cards, hard drives, etc and based on your selection will calculate the amount of wattage necessary for those components. We ran several different configurations through the calculator and were always below or right at 400 Watts. If you are building a high-end machine for gaming, you might find you need a 500 Watt or greater power supply.

The calculator allows you to print it out, so you can configure several options and have a printed reference to use when buying your parts. Both Antec and Thermaltake are major brand names in the business with a good reputations. If you are building a machine, Antec and Thermaltake are models you should consider.

Popular Power Supply Calculator Sites

Coolermaster PSU Calculator

Outervision PSU Calculator

When buying a new power supply, maximum output is not always the most important thing. You may decide you want to improve air flow and buy a modular power supply. You will also want to look for power supplies that have an 80 Plus certification. These 80 percent certifications come in different tiers, such as Bronze, Silver and Gold. 80 Plus Gold will be a little pricier, but will also be better quality.

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