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labels printed onto disk using Lightscribe

Learn to print labels on CDs and personalize your disks. Burning disks have become second-nature to most of us. You want to rip a new CD of holiday music, so you put in a blank CD and burn your music onto it. Or you make a DVD or your kid’s first baseball game and you then proceed to scribble the name on the front of the disk. Lightscribe has a better solution–make a distinctive label by burning the name or an image right into the DVD. Lightscribe has been around for years, so you may even have it in your current computer and not even know it. This tutorial will explain How To Print Labels On CDs or DVDs With Lightscribe.

What You Need To Print Labels On CDs

The term “print” isn’t completely correct. You’re actually burning an image onto the reverse-side of the disk just as you created the data on the other. So in order for you to be able to burn a label onto a disk using Lightscribe you need the following:

  • Lightscribe burner. Not all burners have the ability to etch a CD or DVD. If your current drive is Lightscribe enabled, you should see a Lightscribe logo on the drive itself or maybe somewhere on the face of the PC. In addition, you will have software in the machine that references Lightscribe.
  • Lightscribe Software. As referenced above, you will also need Lightscribe software and drivers. If for some reason you have a Lightscribe drive but no driver, you can download Lightscribe driver here. Once you have the driver, you will also need to download the Lightscribe label software.
  • Lightscribe Media. Not all blank CDs or DVDs are capable of having images burned into them. For this to work, you need special Lightscribe media, which you can buy anywhere. Or you can order
    Lightscribe media here. The disks come in different colors so be sure to get the shade you want for your images.

How To Print Labels On CDs

To print labels on CDs, you will need to put the disk in upside and then run the labeling software to create a full image, content, or title for your disk. The disk burns in a concentric circles from the center outward. It creates the image by burning into a layer of dye inside the disk. You can burn just about anything using the software–text, an image, or a pattern design. The end result will be a monochromatic image, meaning it will be a shades of black and gray etched onto the color of the disk you chose, as the picture below represents:

print labels on cds

Lightscribe is a great way to personalize important CDs or DVDs. Check your computer today to see if you already have the ability to print labels on CDs, then surprise someone with a personalized disk. If you have questions about how how to print labels on CDs or DVDs with Lightscribe, just let us know.

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