Recycle Old Gadgets For Cash

Recycle old gadgets for cash? Most geeks will have a lot of old hardware sitting around–anything from computers to cell phones to game systems. Because you’re a responsible geek, you also know throwing electronics away isn’t good for the environment. So you just put them in the closet and let them pile up.

But now there is a solution. Gazelle is a company that buys your old junk and either finds uses for it or disposes of it properly. Gather your gadgets and visit the Gazelle website to learn how you can recycle responsibly. You might be surprised to find your old cell phone is worth more cash than you thought. The best part is, you’re disposing of the hardware responsibly.The best part is, shipping is free. They either allow you to print out a shipping label or they can send you a box if you need one.

If you’re worried about your hard drive falling into the hands of hackers, don’t be. Gazelle claims to wipe all drives of personal data when they arrive.

recycle your hardware at Gazelle

Here’s how the process works:

You go to their website and search for your item. Answer a few questions about the condition of the product, then let them know whether or not you need a box. You will then give them your payment details and submit your request. Once they receive the device, they will inspect it to make sure it is in the condition your claim form said it was. They will then notify you when your payment has been issued. It will typically take about a week.

So if you have a garage, basement or closet full of old hardware, why not allow Gazelle to buy it from you?

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