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dvi and vga port

You just bought your new PC, but you have no idea how to set up new computer. There’s more to it than simply plugging in the cables. Your new computer likely shipped with a quick setup manual, which unfolds into a massive diagram about the size of your bed. You should follow that, as it will have specifics about your computer. This article will discuss the initial setup and the things we recommend you do thereafter.

Where To Set Up New Computer

If this is a family computer, you will want to put it in a centralized location so it’s easy to access for family and friends and you can keep an eye on your children as they use the PC. The PC should not be placed on the floor; computers are little vacuum cleaners and will suck in dirt, hair and other debris that can damage your computer.The computer should be raised and in an open area, not hidden inside of a cabinet as this will subject it to overheating.

Set up new computer

After you un-box your new computer, do not discard the box itself. Cut off the UPC and serial number, as you may need these for warranty and rebates. Confirm you have removed everything from the box. If you have external devices, such as a printer, leave that in the box until later. Before you begin, take a look at your monitor and the back of your PC.

set up new computer

You will likely see at least two ports on the monitor, a VGA (analog) and a DVI (digital). There may be others. You will want to use the digital port, if possible. Your new monitor probably came with both cables. If not, you should consider buying one in the near future.

Once you monitor is connected, go ahead and attach your mouse and keyboard. Newer computers will ship with a USB mouse and keyboard. Or you may have a PS2 connector for your keyboard and mouse.

ps 2 keyboard and mouse ports

The PS2 connectors will be color-coated on the cable and the back of the PC. The connectors are also keyed, so be careful to line up the plug with the notch or you could damage the pins. Likewise, the USB ports also have a key to ensure they are inserted in the correct orientation. If the plugs are not going, do not force them.

You may eventually want to go with a wireless keyboard and mouse. We recommend the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

If your computer came with speakers, they are likely color coated (green for speakers and pink for microphone). Go ahead and plug those in.

Lastly, plug in your network Ethernet plug in the back of your computer. If your computer has integrated wireless networking, you can skip this step.

When Windows 7 loads for the first time, you might need to specify your time zone and other details. It will then boot into the Windows environment and you’re all set to begin computing. If prompted to register your computer, you should do so immediately for warranty purposes.

After Your Computer Boots For The First Time

One of the very first things you’ll want to do prior to installing anything else is to make your Recovery DVDs if your computer did not ship with any. These recovery disks will help you revert your system back to factory condition in the event something goes wrong with system files or if you get a bad virus. You will want to use DVDs if your computer has a DVD burner, as this will reduce the number of disks you’ll need to create the recovery disks.

Next, consider removing the bloatware that came pre-installed on your computer. In order to offset some of the costs, major brand name manufacturers will often install trial software on your computer, such as an antivirus program, games and backup utilities. Remove these to enjoy a nag-free computing experience. If you remove the antivirus, you can get a free one from Microsoft called Microsoft Security Essentials, which is very good.

Install Printer

You can now install your new printer. There are two installation types–network or local. If you want to share your printer over the network, see if your printer has networking capability. If it does, it will have an Ethernet port in the back, just as your PC does. Plug the Ethernet cable into the router and then insert the setup CD that came with your printer.

If you’re installing the printer as a local printer, run the CD first and, when prompted, plug in the USB cable. Do not plug the USB cable in first.

Set Up New Computer Recommendations

There are a few things we recommend for new computers. Following these simple steps can save you hassle in the future:

  • Create A Password Recovery Disk. A password recovery disks can help you reset your admin password in Windows 7 if you lose or forget it.
  • Create a standard user account. If you have kids, make sure they are running with a standard user account so they cannot make critical changes to the system.
  • Send in your rebate information. If you computer has rebates, make sure you fill out the information before the box gets thrown away or you lose your receipt.
  • Take pictures of your computers. Take pictures of the computers, as well as their serial numbers and Windows key codes and email them to yourself. You may need them one day for insurance purposes.
  • Join our free computer repair forums and ask questions. We have a lot of friendly members that are waiting to help you resolve your computing problems.

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