The Microsoft Windows 7 Tablet

The Microsoft Windows 7 Tablet. The name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Last week,  Microsoft announced it wants to release a tablet and they seem ready to  move heaven and earth to accomplish that goal. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently revealed Microsoft was quickly reinventing their tablet and will compete with Apple and their surprising success with the iPad. Ballmer says the Microsoft Tablet will run Windows 7 and use Intel processors.

While this sounds great, we want feedback from our readers. Would you be compelled to purchase a Tablet running Windows 7? If not, what would need to be added to the form factor to convince you to buy it? Maybe a forward facing camera for video chat? Maybe a larger screen and HDMI out capabilities?

If Windows is going to pull this off and not have their Tablet go the way of the Zune, then Microsoft will need to put out a product that overwhelmingly compels consumers to buy it. People may ultimately decide that the tablet acts too much like a PC and isn’t as “fun” and “simple” as the iPad. The good news for Microsoft is the success of its other competitors. Google has managed to wedge itself into the smart-phone category with its Android Operating System. It would appear it is at least feasible that Microsoft can do the same with their table if they act quickly enough and put out a simple, sexy and affordable tablet.

Let us know what you would like to see in the Microsoft Tablet.