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usb power outlet

If you have more than one USB tech device, then you know the importance of having a USB power outlet converter. Rather than using the outlets themselves to plug in your phone, camera or Mp3 player, you can buy converters to either plug into the socket or replace the outlet entirely, thus freeing up those valuable sockets for the appliances they were intended for. The USB power outlet converter is such a simple idea, most people probably haven’t thought to use them.

USB Power Outlet Converter Models

The following are two popular models to help satisfy your USB charging needs. The first is the easier of the two solutions, as it plugs directly into the existing socket. The second option replaces the existing outlet for a nice, flush finish.

usb power outlet converter

This model by XGT Technologies is a great USB Power Outlet Converter. It has an additional socket, two USB ports and a built-in surge protector. To secure this to the wall, you can use an optional screw to attach it to the existing wall outlet.

Other specs include:

  • Slim wall plate surge protector
  • 2.1amp USB output for iPad, tablets, smartphones, and more. 540 Joules, 36000 Amps
  • Fireproof circuitry
  • UL safety approval guaranteed to keep your electronics safe

3 AC + 2 USB Wall Plate and Slim Surge Protector

USB outlet

This NewerTech model is an outlet replacement, and provides a sleek, flush look for your wall. If you need a USB power outlet converter that is going to be in prominent display, this is a better solution for you. While it does not have a third socket or a surge protector, this model is more aesthetically pleasing.

Diagrams included with this model make installing easy for handy, electricity-savvy people.

One complaint with this model is some people have had issues with the depth of the outlet. Some older homes could have shallow outlet boxes and may not be able to accommodate this model, so be sure to check the dimensions before purchasing.

NewerTech Power2U USA UL LISTED Outlet 2 x 120V + 2xUSB

In conclusion, USB is the default charging interface for many popular electronics. If you’re interested in getting rid of unsightly wires and freeing-up sockets, a USB power outlet converter might be a great option for you.

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