Get The Best Picture With HDTV Calibration

Despite what you might think, your high-def television needs to be calibrated when you get it out of the box. Sure, it looks wonderful, but it doesn’t look the way it’s supposed to in a theater setup. The goal is to get the deepest blacks and the correct contrast ratio. Chances are, your television or projector is configured too bright. This will cause dark areas to become washed-out, and you will lose detail in areas of the picture. Now, you can spend hundreds to have someone come into your home and do this for you, or you can buy software to run in your DVD or Blu-Ray player that will help calibrate your TV properly. the HDTV calibration process only takes around twenty minutes.

HDTV Calibration Software

thxThere are two really good HDTV calibration tools on the market today. Digital Video Essentials is a commercial grade instruction video that talks about what the various settings are and shows you how to change them. Or, you can go the cheap way and find a THX Certified DVD in your collection and run the setup on that. Buried in the menu is a THX calibration tool that helps you set the important brightness and contrast levels on your television.

You may find right after you finish calibrating your display that it seems too dark. Give it a couple of days and you will realize the amount of detail you have gained in your picture. Your eyes are accustomed to seeing a washed-out image, but you will soon learn to appreciate all the money you put into your home theater.

If you want to learn more about THX calibration, and to buy their special calibration glasses, be sure to visit the THX website for more information. They have a lot of interesting advice on calibration, speaker placement and other facts that will help you get the audio and video of your home theater just right.

If you have questions about HDTV calibration, let us know.

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