Tips To Improve Your Home Theater Visuals and Audio

home theater light strips

A home movie theater can provide years of enjoyment for you and your family. Whether you’re watching television, movies or playing video games, a home theater can greatly enhance your experience if done properly. Follow these home theater design tips to save time and money.

Improve The Look Of Your Home Theater Screen

Wall color and decor are important when it comes to creating the perfect home movie theater experience. Darker colored walls with a flat finish is important. You may also want to paint the walls and ceiling the same color to reduce glare and distraction during the movie.

felt theater screen border

It’s also important to consider the border of your screen. Whether you have a hanging projector screen, or a wall painted with reflective movie screen paint, it is important to use a dark felt border to finish the edge. This will effectively frame the screen area and focus the viewer’s eyes on the picture.

The felt theater border tape will also prevent the image from bleeding into the painted area, as the felt will essentially kill the light from your projector if there is any overlap.

Home Theater Audio Improvements

Audio is as important as the video in your home movie theater room. If you can run the wires in advance, it’s recommended to install the speaker cable for 7.1 surround even if you do not have the speakers or receiver to produce that yet. It will help you future-proof your theater and reduce the damage to your walls later. This goes for any HDMI or networking runs you may be considering in the future, as well.

A Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 setup will require two additional speakers in the ceiling, so consider running that wiring if the ceiling is exposed. While you may not anticipate it now, having the wiring or conduit in place will save you headaches later.

It is also important to choose carpet, furniture and acoustic home theater wall panels to absorb the sound and prevent echos. Fabric furniture or acoustic panels will absorb better than flat, hard surfaces.

Integrate Amazon Echo or Google Home Into Your Home Movie Theater

Home assistants, such as Alexa and Google, can help automate routines in your home movie theater. You can use them in addition to smart plugs to turn devices on and off. A voice-controlled movie theater will keep the table clear of remotes and allow you to quickly get into any viewing and playing mode you want. A routine can be setup to dim lights, turn on the projector, and power up the Blu-Ray player and receiver all at the same time.

When you’re finished watching, give the assistant a command to power everything down.

Home Theater Lighting

When we think of theater lighting, we also think of stair lighting and lighting around the top perimeter of the walls to provide ambiance.

You can use your Alexa or Google assistant to power Philips Hue Light Strips. Ambient light in your theater is a great safety feature and reduces eye strain. These LED lights can be set to whatever color you choose to add ambient light where you need it the most.

A lot of planning goes into designing your home movie theater. Thinking of paint, decor, audio and video options before you begin construction will save you time and money. The end result will be something your family and friends can enjoy for years.

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