Download HP Drivers And Software For Your Computer

Hewlett Packard has made it convenient to search and download HP drivers for your computer. Normally, HP will ship a recovery or restore disk along with a driver and applications disk that contains all of the necessary software to run the hardware on the computer. For instance, the sound card on the HP motherboard will need a piece of software called a driver to make it operate. Without the driver, the sound card will be useless. Frequently, users will tell us they no longer have the driver disk, so this page provides detailed help in obtaining a HP driver for your computer.

download hp driversFind and Download HP Drivers

Before you reformat your PC, or if you realize you have misplaced the the HP driver disk that came with your HP computer, you should visit the HP website and download the software drivers. Try HP Drivers and Downloads for easy access to the appropriate driver downloads. You may need to know the serial number or model number of your PC to find the drivers. If you happen to be on the HP computer, they have an auto detect feature that will help to identify the HP model number and take you to the page you need to be at.

Download HP Drivers and Install

Installing HP drivers is normally a painless process, but if you have reloaded the Operating System manually, you may have found that nothing works correctly. For instance, your display might be stuck at 600 x 480 resolution with 256 colors or the you will not be able to get onto the Internet. This is because the drivers haven’t been installed for the hardware. If you navigate to the Device manager, you’ll probably see a lot of errors next to the hardware icons. Normally this is in the form of a yellow circle with an exclamation point inside. Either that, or you will see numerous Unknown Devices.

After you download HP drivers, install the and then go into the Device manager (START>CONTROL>SYSTEM>HARDWARE>DEVICE MANAGER) and remove these unknown devices after the driver has been installed. Then reboot the machine. XP should auto detect the new hardware and then load the hp driver you had previously installed.

If you need more help with HP Recovery, visit our HP Recovery Disk page.

21 thoughts on “Download HP Drivers And Software For Your Computer”

    1. Using another computer, visit the HP website and download the appropriate driver for your model. You can then go into the control panel and update the missing drivers from there.

  1. dear sir/madam:

    please help me how to download a driver in hp compaq 435 co’z i don’t know
    what site that can download properly a drivers I need it.,because this unit is display a store.

    please reply because very driver import a unit to dispaly a store/or please email a utility driver please….

    1. You don’t need the serial number. Just go to and put in the model of the laptop in the Drivers and Software section. You should be taken to a page with the drivers and manuals available for you to download.

  2. Sir i lost my all drive from my hp computer
    i had format the computer so i want right back all drives so plz tell me what i should to do now
    from which web can i download it again

  3. hi sir
    i have desktop of hp invent with windows 8. i have installed all the drivers except video controller. i m unable to install the video controller driver. plz help me how can i install it

  4. Hi,
    I have HP pavilion dv2197ea laptop. i format my system and installed windows XP. I tied to install all my drivers again . I installed all the drivers except sound driver. I am not able to install Sound driver. Whenever i am trying to install sound driver,it is giving me message “could not find the MEDIA device for this driver”.

    Please provide me order of installing drivers for my laptop and also correct link for downloading compatible drivers. i downloaded all from HP only,but still facing problem.


  5. Pls, my sound in my hp compaq dx2000 (ST base Unit s/n: JPA44700RN p/n: PE677AV) can’t play. Tried going to HP’s drivers site to download the driver but it could’nt go. Pls send me the direct link to the best option or an advise. & I also need NET framework 3.5 sp1 that I can install offline on my pc coz it does nt ve a working internet access. Thanks a bunch for any help that’ll be rendered!

  6. sir i format my lap top and installed win7 but now my screen is not touch and hp could not find my product. so i could not download my drivers form hp what can i do?

    1. Masak, it sounds to me like you are missing the drivers for your computer. Go to the HP website and search for your specific model. Download all of the drivers and then install them. After the install reboot the computer. If it’s still not working, go into the device manager and look for any devices that have a yellow ! next to them and then delete it. Reboot and and then it should work.

      This is definitely a software driver issue.

  7. Dear sir,
    I had lost my ethernet driver.
    Also, on the HP website I did not find drivers. How can i got it?
    I did not find the drivers of the motherboard.
    My PC is a dc7770 minitower

  8. There is no sound in my laptop. That feature of sound has some sort of a across therefore I think that’s what’s stopping the sound from coming out. What do you think is the problem in this case? PLEASE HELP OUT!!!!!

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