HP Black Screen With Blinking Cursor

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If you have an HP, you may be familiar with the HP black screen with a blinking cursor when trying to boot. You may need to reset your BIOS. This can happen when moving a computer or disconnecting and reconnecting devices. Or it could occur if changes are made to the BIOS. Changes can be made by mistake or occur when the CMOS battery has failed. If your computer is more than five years old, you should start this troubleshooting process by replacing the CMOS battery located on the motherboard.

HP Black Screen Troubleshooting

Reset The BIOS On Your HP Computer

On HP computers, tap the F1 key when first booting until you see the phrase “Entering Setup.” Once in the BIOS, look for the option to Restore Default Settings. Once you click that, press F10 to save and exit. This will revert the BIOS back to its original state. When your computer restarts,you might see a boot options menu. Select Last Known Good Configuration.

If you continue to experience the HP black screen with a flashing cursor, you likely have a hardware problem. Try disconnecting any external devices. Depending how knowledgeable you are with computers, you can also try re-seating the memory and disconnecting any internal devices that are not necessary for the computer to run, such as DVD drives, floppy drives, modems, etc.

HP Black Screen – The BLack Screen of Death

The HP black screen problem is often referred to as the Black Screen of Death, is difficult to troubleshoot and can be caused by a variety of things. Troubleshooting the BSoD is a process of elimination. If you continue to have issues, read our other HP articles for more troubleshooting tips.

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