Computer Boots To Black Screen With Blinking Cursor

computer screen is blank

If your computer boots to black screen of death, but your PC seems to be working, otherwise, you might be able to fix it easily through a quick process of elimination. While this is normally the result of a power surge or other voltage problem that has damaged your PC, it could also be the result of a software update that changes the way your PC boots up.

computer boots to black screenDiagnosing Computer Screen Is Black

You can often easily rule out the monitor by unplugging it from the computer and trying to power on the display by itself. A diagnostic screen should briefly appear on the monitor telling you there is no signal from the computer. If you see this, the problem lies somewhere from the monitor cable to the computer. If you do not see a diagnostic screen, you should test the monitor on another PC. If you try the monitor on another PC and computer screen is black, make sure you also swap out the cable from a monitor you know works. Check the end of the cable for bent pins and examine the cord for damage to the wire’s insulation. If you still do not see the diagnostic screen, then the monitor is probably bad.

Computer Boots to Black Screen

If your computer boots to black screen with a blinking cursor, it’s possible you received a bad Windows update. If the computer acts like it’s powering on, with the normal beeps and clicks and lights, try waiting until the computer is fully booted into Windows and then press and release the power button once. If the computer wakes up, you will need to go into the System BIOS and make sure any power saving features are disabled. Depending on the model of your computer, you will need to tap the F1 or F10 to enter the BIOS setup. Assuming you can see the screen at this point, look through the menu for the Power Saving feature and disable it.

If your computer boots to black screen after these suggestions, you will probably need to take the PC in for service so they can run diagnostics on the power supply and the motherboard.

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