HP Laptop Will Not Boot

hp laptop will not boot

If your HP laptop will not boot, you need to apply special techniques to get it to work properly. While laptops are quite similar to a normal PC, just in a different form factor, their distinct hardware difference makes troubleshooting boot problems more difficult. If your laptop is not booting up, there are several things you can do to try and resolve your issue. An HP laptop will not boot for several reasons, such as no power, not being able to find the hard drive, faulty RAM or even a bad display. Determining the exact symptom of the laptop failure is key in finding a way to resolve it.

HP Laptop Will Not BootHP Laptop Will Not Boot – Laptop Hard Reset

This is one of the first things you should try with any PC, whether it is a desktop or a laptop. A hard reset will drain any lingering power from the motherboard capacitors that could be preventing your computer from powering up. To perform a hard reset, disconnect everything from the laptop, remove the power adapter and the battery. Next, hold down the power button for at least twenty seconds. Reconnect only the power adapter and then press the power button. If you see LEDs lighting and hear the power supply spinning, you should be fine. But if your HP laptop will not boot, you’ll need to continue troubleshooting.

No Lights on Laptop

If you do not see any LEDs lit up, then you have a no power issue. You will need to swap in a new power adapter or a new laptop battery. If the laptop is a couple years old, then you should replace it. Otherwise, a power adapter is cheaper to purchase and you should start there. If you swap out both of these and still have no power, your issue might be at the motherboard level.

Beeps But HP Laptop Will Not Boot

If your laptop beeps more than once, then you have some type of hardware issue and the BIOS is trying to alert you by producing that code. Listen to the code carefully and refer to the HP website for more details. You will need to look up your model under the support section and refer to the post codes for clues as to the nature of the problem.

Laptop Seems to Boot But Monitor is Blank

If you have not made any recent changes with your HP laptop, and if  your laptop sounds like it is booting normally but the screen is black, then you probably have a problem with your screen  or the screen inverter. Refer to this guide to troubleshoot laptop screens or screen inverters. If your HP laptop will not boot and you need additional help, be sure to join our forums and ask.

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  1. It may be related to the NVIDIA Chipset. Last year nearly all DV6000, DV2000, DV9000 and many other HP’s had that had these issues were recalled. The recall is now over and HP is still recovering.

  2. Steve Whittaker

    My Dell Inspiron 1420 will not start. It has gone through a start up repair procedure, but is unable to fix it. The root cause found says system files integrity check and repair failed; error code: 0 x 490. How do I get it repaired?

  3. My hp laptop (hp pavilion ze1000 series) does not boot from the hard disk drive any more, but still can boot from the CD-ROM. So I could recover the system using the four recovery discs F5398 – 12002A Pavilion that I purchased with the laptop, but, unfortunately, the second disk is damaged. How could I have a copy or a new one? Thanks!

  4. I have a 2004 HP Laptop with Windows Vista. Everytime I start the computer, it starts downloading updates. The screen says ” Configuring updates Stage 3 of 3-Shows the percentage of down load, when it gets to 100%, it will restart and go right back to the updates downloading again. I t will not go to my sign on screen. It just keeps repeating this over and over again. Can someone please help me. I dont have a boot disk. Is there a web site that will download one for free?

    Barbie in Texas

    1. Try tapping F8 at boot and go into safe mode with networking. From there, you should be able to stop the update that is stuck in the remove programs section of the control panel (the updates are located at the bottom). If not, please join our free forums and post your problem there for our community to help answer.

  5. I have a nx6120 laptop.
    I have attempted to hard reset to no avail.
    When I have the power cord in, the power light is green, however, when I attempt to turn the laptop on, it tries to boot and the light flashes orange, is solid orange for a split second and then returns to green. Same flashing occurs without the battery in. Please help!
    Thank you in advance.

  6. Hello, I have encontered a EOS current spikes with my plug then my Laptop HP Elitenotebook
    will not book and then stop, Pls let me know if I can try something to restart it or HD is damged? Many Thks in advance for your help. Constant

  7. Vistatech, sorry to hear that. I have no idea if HP would give you a free repair. My guess is no, but it wouldn’t hurt to contact them and see what they say. Good luck.

    1. Is the battery good? Have you tried powering on with the battery out and the laptop plugged in? Did you notice it not charging prior to it not working? Usually in the case with dekstops it is either the power supply or the motherboard…but since this is a laptop, other things come into play.

      I suggest you join our free forums at http://www.pctechbytes.net so other techs can help troubleshoot this issue.

  8. I have a dell inspiron 1525 which doesnot boot. The fan starts then stops by itself after 6 seconds.power light and charging lights are on . The lights are on but doesn’t start.

  9. I have hp dv6 .. I always used to put my lappy on sleep/hibernation .. now when I started it back it tried to on light came up voices came bt the screen was blank and thn it went off nd aftr like 30 secnds it again started it self lights went on processor voices came and went off it happnd again and again untill I removed the battery and power.. but screen did not appeared any time it was like my laptop goes off before the screen turns on plzzz help me out

  10. HP 8530P will not boot or boots intermittently. When the power button is pushed the charge light (lightening bolt) flashes ~10 times then the little “i” with the circle around it comes on and then goes out. Sometimes I have to remove the power from the laptop and just boot from the battery with similar out come. If the laptop boots it work correctly… HELP I’ve done the following to try to resolve the problem. I’ve Swapped memory for known good set, replaced CMOS battery, replace battery, have two power supplies, same problem with both power supplies. I’ve also reset the system buy removing the battery and held down the power button for 30sec.

  11. Dave I did everything you said for the no boot on my HP and finally came to conclusion it was A/C adapter. Your step by step instructions did the trick. Just a note if your laptop will not boot but yo get three blinking lights first make sure power is good because without power memory will not boot and you may try to fix something not broken. Thanks again Dave.

  12. My compaq presario cq56 wont boot up sometimes if i put a tea towel over the fan area it warms up and sometimes it boots up what do you think the problem is please

    1. I can’t recommend warming the PC up intentionally, but that tactic is sometimes used when a solder joint on the motherboard is cracked. Solder is metal used to connect various circuits when the motherboard is made. Heating the motherboard slightly expands the solder, allowing it to re-connect if it is cracked. Typically, the solution for fixing this is called a re-flow. A computer repair service will literally cook the motherboard in a special heater to melt the solder joints just enough to have them permanently re-connect. Do not try this yourself.

      With that said, this may not even be the issue, just a thought.

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