HP Recovery in Windows Vista

Hewlett Packard has made it convenient to recovery your original factory settings.  We recommend you follow the instructions below if trying to recover with the disks that came with your PC when you first opened the package. If your HP computer did NOT come with disks, it’s quite possible the recovery files are on a hidden partition on the drive.  In this case, you should follow the START menu to restore your PC to factory condition. If you need help recovering your HP Vista machine, please join our free forums.

How To Start HP Recovery in Vista

HP revocery in VistaWhen trying to recover an HP machine (in Vista or any other Operating System), always shut down the computer and disconnect any USB devices and remove any CDs, DVDs or floppies. Leave the keyboard and mouse connected. Next, power up the computer and navigate to Start, All Programs, and then click PC Help and Tools. Click the Recovery Manager.

You will need to proceed through a few Windows before getting to the actual System Recovery option. Click Next, then on the “Software Program Re-installation” screen, click No. Click “No” on the “Hardware Re-installation” screen and then “No” on the “Microsoft Re-installation Screen.”

You will then see the Recovery Manager screen. You will be asked if you want to do a factory system recovery. Click Yes and then Next. The PC will need to reboot itself to run the recovery.

Click through the Microsoft System Restore screen and you will get to the HP System Recovery screen. Click Next to begin. You may be asked if you want to backup any files. The System Recovery to factory defaults will then begin. All data will be lost, as the computer reformats the hard drive, so be sure you have any important data backed-up.

The PC will restart and the Vista HP System Recovery will be complete.

If you need more help with your HP computer, be sure to sign up for our free message boards or visit our live computer chat room.


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