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HP is a leading manufacturer of computers and computer related hardware. This page will help to diagnose and repair HP computers. Some HP computers will require that you purchase hardware directly from Hewlett Packard. If you need HP computer support, HP drivers or have other HP computer questions, please feel free to join our message board and we’ll help you get your computer problem resolved.

You can get your HP computer repaired at most computer repair shops, as these shops are accustomed to dealing with HP to perform repairs of desktops and laptops.

We also recommend you visit the Support section of the HP website and download the manual for your computer, printer or monitor. You may be surprised to find that you can easily perform the repairs yourself.

HP Recovery Disks

It sometimes becomes necessary to return the PC to its factory condition due to viruses or software corruption. Read how to use the HP recovery disk to return your system to perfect condition and our other helpful computer articles specific to HP PCs.

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You can also find help in our tech chat room and in out free forums. When posting problems about your HP computer, be sure to list as much information as you can, such as the model of the computer, the Operating System, and any error codes your HP might be producing. These error codes might be int he form of beeps, codes on the screen or lights on the front or back of your HP computer.

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  1. well I think to make recovery disk is a good option to make you pc in its factory condition.

    Thanks for this post

  2. I have a Compaq Presario S3200NX desktop that has never had a problem. I recently changed to high speed internet from Comcast and downloaded their free Norton security package about a month ago. I am now noticing a few simple things my computer will no longer allow me to do and am wondering if the computer has a problem or is there some incompatibility.
    1. when I hit “search” to find the location of a file in the computer, it dumps me into the internet. I am unable to search my computer for a file.
    2. I am unable to use the same user name and password to sign onto a websight I have been using for months, a message comes back stating I am using a incorrect user name or password. Yet, I can go to my wife’s laptop, and are able to sign in using the same user name and password and get onto the websight.
    3. I just discovered I am now unable to copy information to a CD anymore.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Sounds like a Norton Uninstall is in order. These types of programs act like a firewall and usually only protect you against yourself. You may be able to go into the Norton firewall settings and allow certain functions, but I’d just remove the program if you can and go from there.

  3. i have an HP desktop with issues- it is model # M8000 and up untill recently had been working fine. while on the internet it starts to reboot and goes blank. i can hear the drive working but when i do a hard reboot it lets me back in but quickly shuts off.

  4. My computer keeps shutting down unexpectedly (ex. After a min. Or an hour or a second) how can I fix this problem?

  5. My computor does not always start when I press the start button. The only than that runs is the is the front fan, with no signal to the monitor.

  6. I have an HP dv9700 that was working fine yesterday, shut it down last night like normal. I went to turn it on today and all of the led,s came on but it beeped three times and that was all that happened. Any suggestions as to what is wrong?

  7. I have a HP Pavillion DV6700. It started running really slow. I went in and uninstalled lots of software and performed a defrag. It was still very very slow. My husband just purchased System Suite 10 and ran the disk. Now my laptop has shut down completely. When I try and turn it on the keyboard lights up for a few seconds then the whole computer shuts down. I called HP service and they want me to ship my laptop to them via FEDEX for $398.00 no matter what the problem is. It is $398.00. Should I do this? I mean it is HP fixing it.

    1. You might want to try a local shop and see if they can fix it for less. Either way, it will cost you a lot. The problem sounds like a heat issue. Computers will be sluggish or even shut down if they get too hot.

  8. I have a hp pavilion tx1000 and when I powered up today the screen would not come on and also when it is running the sound on the computer makes a terrible noise and has to be at a certain level

    1. Does it turn right back on or do you have to let it sit? Could be a heat issue. Computers will shut themselves down to save themselves from excessive heat. This could be caused by faulty fan or breakdown of thermal grease.

  9. Wanted to share the frustrating situation HP has left me in. I purchased a new HP g62 laptop and within 2 months, the computer crashed. I contacted HP service, they did a diagnostic. I was told the hard drive was ruined.I was told I had to ship hard drive to an HP location within so many days. I received a recovery disk from HP. It had very little instruction or help. After 4 hours of paying someone to help me, computer still would not work. I again contacted HP, then I was told I would have to ship my brand new computer to Freemont, Ca. It has been 11 days since I shipped my computer.I do not have a back up computer and HP did not offer to assist with a loaner. Neither was local service offered so I could try to stay aware of what was wrong with the new computer. This situation has completely disrupted my life and caused many complications. I am completely dissatisfied with HP service. Obviously, I am just a serial number and not a human being that requires access to a computer for work and school.

    1. Try recreating the shortcuts. I’ve seen this type of thing before. You may also try a system restore if this just started happening.

  10. I purchased a HP computer from The Source on line for my Husband’s birthday in May 09. We had trouble with it from the start. While under warranty we contacted HP. They asserted that the warranty had expired a year previous to my purchase. We sent a copy of the sales slip to them as proof of purchase and they did not reply. It was taken into the Source where someone looked at it and said he had it working OK. Not so, as it started with the same freezing after 10mins or so. The Source now has all our records of purchase and Proof of the warranty denial. They are arguing with HP to have this fixed. I was told if they won’t comply then the Source may give me a gift certificate for the amount to buy what we want from their store. Nothing is certain and I feel like the last thing I want is a gift certificate. I am not anxious to deal with them any more.

  11. I have a HP pavilion a6600f that is only a year old. A couple of months back when i tried to turn it on it made a long beep, paused then another long beep. I left it alone for a couple of days and it worked. However it has been a two weeks and it still does the beeping problem. I cleaned out all the dust, but i’m unsure of what the problem is.

  12. I have a HP Compaq nx8220

    1) I cannot use my laptop when it is on my desk. I have it elevated (use a wedge) to use it –

    2) I cannot use my printer – (devise not recognized) – have to switch computer off and then on to make it work

    Please advise

  13. I have a hp computer that i had for two years now and every few months the computer got slower and slower. The first problem that happened was i couldn’t view videos or listen to music without having the computer freezing. And now when i go to turn on my computer it turns on then shuts back off. I really don’t know what to do now…

    1. I would start by getting some canned air from your local computer shop and giving it a good blowing off. Heat will make a computer run slow because as the processor gets hot, it slows down. If the processor gets too hot, it will shut down.

  14. My hp officejet has always worked, now it will not scan since the electricity went off. It will copy but I need it to scan. What do I do

  15. I have compact preserio and never had a problem with it until recently. I shut it off and when I tried to turn it back on nothing at all, no on light.

  16. i have a compaq presario sr2150nx. recently the cpu fan speed has been increasing every couple of seconds then slows back down. when this happens the computer tends to move really slow and sometimes freezes.

  17. I have an HP Pavilion Slimline and the computer is still on but the monitor states that it is in sleep mode. Try a new monitor and it did the same thing. Any suggestions.

    1. Try holding in the power button for twenty seconds. This will shut it down and drain capacitors of residual power. If problem persists, you may have a bad motherboard. Join our forums for additional help.

  18. I have a HP pavilion that is 2 year old. A couple of days back when i tried to turn it on it made a long beep, and system failed to on

  19. I have an hp dv2945se that runs on vista. It has been overheating lately and I decided to unscrew all the compartments on the bottom (yes I’m aware I probably sound stupid to all the computer geniuses) and check for dust and such. I decided
    it was much to complex and simply blew out the
    dust and then screwed everything back in place. I
    didn’t damage anything, just took it out and put it back in. But when I tried to start my computer
    after doing this, it froze on a black screen with a
    white underscore blinking at the top left. What
    could I have done?

    1. Can you get into the BIOS–try tapping the F1 key when booting. If you can get into the BIOS search for a setting that says Restore Defaults. I think it might also be the F5 key. Try to reboot. If you get a boot menu, try Last Known Good Configuration.

  20. i have an hp compaq and its on its second power pack
    now its stopped lighting up in the charge socket at all
    is it worth taking it apart and cleaning or has a connection come loose?

  21. when i am playing hidden objects games on the computer that is not on line , it all of a sudden goes back to the main screen . i have a hp w1907. is there any thing i can do for this problem. i talked with the guy i have internet with and he said it was a computer problems. any suggestions. thanks everlyn

  22. I have been having trouble with my hp Pavilion dv5000. I had accidently left the laptop running without being plugged into the A/C all night long. When I awoke the next morning I attempted to turn the laptop back on (after plugging it into the A/C), but the laptop would not start up. Instead the LED lights for the volume control came on as well as the power light and the charging light. You could hear the fan attempt to run for a few seconds but then stop. The CD drive would also make a noise as if it was trying to read a disk, but then would stop and do it again (it kept looping). I was able to open the CD drive. I attempted to charge the battery and then turn it on, but the result was the same. I also attempted to remove the battery and run it off A/C only but to no avail. I finally tried removing both the battery and the A/C for a little while, plug them both in and turn the computer on. But the result was still the same. Can anyone help me with this problem as well as give me some possible solutions? Thank you very much.

  23. Have a problem in that every once in a while mouse won’t highlight the icons the cursor will land on them but you can’t click to make the program work. Have run all the diagnostic programs on the computer and it says all tests passed the only way to make it work is to power down and then back up again in a minute or 2 then it works fine for a day or a week or a month. It’s not consistent as to when it goes down.

  24. Im working on HP Pavilion al350y. I order 14 disk System Recovery Disk from HP. I did full Recovery 13 disk worked ok i ran the last disk Supplement Recovery to finish the recovery it stop in the middle of disk and will not finish the Recovery . Anybody have any ideal how i can get the last disk to finish the recovery. Thanks Jeff

    1. Try unplugging any external USB devices such as printers, hubs, game controllers. This could be tripping up the installation.

  25. I have a problem with startup in last 6 months. I have broadband but use aol service as well. I see id=ox5do(1488) thread id=ox5co.
    It asks to terminate or debug… I try debug but nothing happens so I usaully terminate. Also it has another sentence OX7927F26e. I also terminate since I have tried debug and nothing happens…. I called AOL several times and even updated to 9.5.. I had aol since 1998. So i was sort of satisfied with it and hardly use the optimum….
    How can I get rid of this?….What must I do?

  26. I have problem with my Compaq Presoario CQ40 laptop, I cannot boot may laptop, when I open it the compaq logos comes out after that a underscore line blink on the leftside of the screen is there anybody who can help me to run the start up and run may laptop OS.

  27. i have a hp xg843 and when i turn it on it will not ingage the monitor just looking 4 a direction to try and fix

  28. Hello I have a Hp touch smart 1274 and one morning I could not log on as administrator as is the case as of today. this means I cannot make changes to certain programs etc. I’ve tried the F11 recover and nothing. I’ve asked hp with online help and the tech could not resolve by remote help. IDEAS?

  29. I have a dv6700. Tried to play a DVD today and the door would not open. Finally opened the door manually with a thin wire, installed a DVD and closed the door. Would not play. It is like the DVD/CD devise is shut off. Went to the Device Manager, looked up the DVD device, Samsung HM121HI ATA, properties state device is functioning correctly. Don’t know what else to do. John

  30. help! i dropped our laptop from about 3 metres yesterday – the screen is smashed and it made a funny noise when I tried to switch it on – will it be possible to recover the photos that are on there?? I live in guernsey and am trying to find someone who can help but without any joy so far.


  31. My LED Lights on my pavilion dv6700 went out on the volume control and the mute button. An if I press them they still won’t work. How can i fix this?

    1. But you can still control the volume and mute through Windows, right?

      Sometimes these keys can be turned off accidentally with the FN function key. Try pressing the FN key and the volume button at the same time to see if that helps.

  32. I have an HP computer that includes slots for memory cards so you can upload photos, videos, etc without cables. I’ve used this feature many times, and I have to say… it is amazing. Today, I inserted my card into the slot, and it seems my computer is NOT picking it up… either that or it will say that it’s there, but it won’t let me access it.. how can I fix it?

  33. i upgraded my ram and got two 2gb cards. when i place one of them in the slot it works. when i place both in the the slots the screen only shows black and doesn’t work. i use the original ram card (512mb) with one of the 2gb cards and it works. i have tried all combinations and they work, except for when i place the two 2gb cards. any ideas? thanks in advice

  34. I have a HP touch Smart computer…when i switch it on the screen has candy colored stripes like a bar code but in pinks yellows greens etc …….does anyone know what could be causing this problem?
    Thanks for any help or advice x

  35. we had a wind storm, which caused a power outage for several hours. When went to use computer, no power. Is there a reset button?

    1. Unfortunately no. But try plugging directly into the wall if you are using a power strip. Confirm that outlet is still working by plugging something else in–like a lamp. Lastly, try unplugging the computer and press the power button and hold for 30 seconds then release. Plug in computer and try booting again.

      If that doesn’t do it, you might need a new power supply or motherboard–you can buy cheap power supply testers at your local computer shop.

  36. My daughter’s HP computer’s battery died, and a new one was purchased. It was charging for almost 2 days. To date, the computer will not turn on. Also, the battery is not warm, which makes me think it did not charge. Suggestions?

  37. My new laptop wi-fi showing on but why it is not connect internet ? Before it ,it was running normal but all of sudden this problem come ?

    what i have to do ?

  38. My computer wouldn’t come on and when I got it to turn on it now beeps at me every 2 seconds or so. What would cause the beep?

  39. I turn on my HP and there is an annoying ringing sound coming from around the mother board. Nothing will work. About every 3 seconds this sound comes on, any suggestions?

  40. Our 2007 HP Pavilion desktop shuts off often, particularly when more than one program is running or when we are trying to charge an iPod while working on the computer. When we tried to install a webcam, it shut off every two or three minutes after the software was installed. Our Windows Experience Index is at a 3. Please help!

  41. My hp dV8225nr, purchased may of 06 has suddenly displayed a “racing stripe” down the middle of the screen. It is about 2 inches wide just left of center. By reducing the displays to half width, and dragging the display to the right half, I continue to get “normal” operation in all other respects.

    I suspect the screen has malfunctioned.

    Can hp make it worth my while to have it repaired? If the screen goes totally black, I fear I will lose all of my ” profound” documents and family pictures stored over the last 4 1/2 years.

    1. You should back all of that info up anyway. Get an external hard drive and create a backup before something drastic happens. With that said, the problem could be a crimped wire or a bad screen. Any computer shop should be able to help you repair it. You don’t have to go through HP. Find a shop near you that you trust and see what they think.

  42. i am administrator on a HP pavillion with windows 7. last night when i logged on i mistyped my password a couple of times and now when i logon it is in a special mode. i do not have my former desktop nor my favorites in IE and whatever i set up is lost the next time i log on. how can i get it to logon like it did previously.


  43. My hp computer wont cut on at all…it charges and when i try turning it on it lights up for a sec then cuts right off????

  44. On my HP Pavillion TouchSmart, my “Enter” key doesnt work. I went to go to Google and the key wouldnt respond. I’ve tried turning it off and on, but nothing! I’m so angry. I got the computer about 3 years, so I have no idea if that has anything to do with it. So…. What do I do?

  45. My HP Pavilion dv700 needs to be constantly plugged in now and won’t work without it being plugged in, if the cord even pops out for a second my laptop just shuts off completely which can be a hassle sometimes. I was wondering if it’s just an issue with the battery, in a matter of just needing of buy a new one to replace the old one? or if it is a much bigger problem to which I’ll have to send in for repairs?

  46. On my HP pavillion TouchSmart. I cannot get the sound to work it has been out about 6 months. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. hp 7060n computer does not turn on, unplugged motherboard, power supply fan comes on and computer light comes on front and back green light stays on, when plugging in motherboard everything goes off how can i tell if it’s the motherboard or power supply? Thank You

    1. Have you tried toggling the voltage selector switch back and forth to make sure it’s in the right position? If you’re in the states it should be on 115.

      You can buy a cheap power supply tester like this 8-In-1 24-Pin Atx Power Supply Tester to tell for sure. I do not trust the little green light on the back of the HP.

  48. My hp will no longer charge. I bought a new cord to plug in to computer to charge the battery. I think there is something wrong with the connection where the cord plugs in to the computer. Is this expensive to get fixed? The computer is not quite two years old. Can I return to hp so it can be fixed?

    1. If it’s out of warranty, the will charge you. You can also try a local repair shop. It shouldn’t cost too much to get it fixed–as this is a pretty normal thing to die on a laptop. Also, make sure your battery is not dead. It happens around that time period. Do you get the charging indicator in Windows? If yes, then the battery needs to be replaced. If no, the connection needs to be replaced.

  49. My 2008 HP w1907 Pavillion has given me trouble since purchased. At first, I was told the problems resulted from static buildup due to the pre-programed sleep mode. This problem continued about a year, until finally, the computer hard drive crashed in early 2009. I had to send it to HP for repair, paying the charges out of pocket since the warranty had just expired. For over a week the computer has been giving me problems again by freezing/not responding, shutting down uexpectedly, etc., and the hard drive is once again failing the SMART test. Needless to say, I am totally dissatisfied and completely frustrated with this problematic HP computer!! What the heck is wrong with this machine???

  50. william hosendove

    My hp when it loads a screen pops up and i get it to go away. its says it is installing new hardware. i tried to click it out but it wont allow me to do anything. what should i do?

  51. My HP has stopped delivering a picture to my monitor which reads, “no signal”. The computer powers up but does not deliver a signal to the monitor. A friend says the motherboard has died. Is this so? And if not what can I do about this problem?

    1. Take the PC to a shop for a diagnosis and a quote to replace the board. Or you can try doing it yourself. I would just make sure it is the board before you replace it, that’s why I suggest a local repair shop you can trust.

  52. My friend’s HP Pavillion dv5 laptop was dropped, and when she went to turn it on, it said ‘no bootable device… insert boot disk and press any key’ .. we’ve tried everything we can, including asking technologically-smart people. we put in the disks that can reset the computer, but it won’t let us do anything. We’re trying to save a 45-minute drive to the city, so we kind of need some help?

  53. HP Pavillion Media Center Desktop-Came with Vista. Recently had problem with crashes, it would go into reboot mode, dump mode or lock up. Had Win 7 installed and tech had to remove 2 of mem modules so it would install. ? Said this was common on this computer. Scan showed no Virus. After installation of win 7, computer works fine with the 2 mem modules left out but has same problem if either or both of the modules are re-installed trying different slots. Any suggestions?

  54. I have an HP Pavillion that is 3-4 years old and has been working perfectly until it got acquainted with a virus after I installed the latest AVG update and improvement software (sure!) then everything went to H—. I could not get any service from AVG except ignorant Emails but no service. I hired a computer tech who took my computer home and all the recovery disk etceetc for reinstalling. But it appears that something is really missing..I think there was some lack of knowledge somewhere. Now some hardware does not work, some software does not work, and I want to bring it somewhere in KCMO 64155 where someone will ACTually fix it. It’s an expensive computer and I prefer to keep it. If I were to make any changes, I would add RAM ..but that is it. It’s a Pavillion business model, and usually works like a charm. So who would you recommend in the North KC area (preferably) who is an expert at restoring all my functions and functionality?
    Many thanks..

  55. I have a HPG71-448CL. As I was using it today I noticed that the battery was running low, I plugged in power supply and kept working. A little later and I get the low batter signal. When I looked, power supply was plugged in but not working (lights not indicating it was powering up). Now my computer will not come on at all. What might be the problem, the AC adapter seems to be good, could it be a loose connection in computer?

  56. my hp netbook is now in trouble of ‘abc’ lang suddenly turns into symbols after it shut down unexpectedly because my bro 4got 2 plug in the charger recently. And then after he started it again all the previous display language (english us) turns into symbols til today. Only in intnt de ‘abc’ alphabets are useful,other than that they’re all in symbols. I bought it in may or jun last year and maybe still in warranty. How should i fix this?

  57. Hey there. My HP pavilion dv7 randomly shut down today, and on the lower left part of the comp, there are three emblems, a lightning bolt stacked CDs and a power symbol. Now, whenever I try to turn it on, those lights flash two times per second and it won’t turn on. I tried reseting the power supply, and holding the power button, but nothing is working. Any suggestions?

  58. Have just purchased Hewlet Packard computer G5200uk-m. The noise coming from the tower is very loud. Does not seem like the fan, but any other suggestions would be appreciated.

    1. Very hard to say since I can’t hear it…is there a DVD in the drive–sometimes vibration from a disk spinning can cause this…otherwise, I think it has to be a fan.

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