HP Computer Support | Hewlett Packard Computer repair

HP is a leading manufacturer of computers and computer related hardware. This page will help to diagnose and repair HP computers. Some HP computers will require that you purchase hardware directly from Hewlett Packard. If you need HP computer support, HP drivers or have other HP computer questions, please feel free to join our message board and we’ll help you get your computer problem resolved.

You can get your HP computer repaired at most computer repair shops, as these shops are accustomed to dealing with HP to perform repairs of desktops and laptops.

We also recommend you visit the Support section of the HP website and download the manual for your computer, printer or monitor. You may be surprised to find that you can easily perform the repairs yourself.

HP Recovery Disks

It sometimes becomes necessary to return the PC to its factory condition due to viruses or software corruption. Read how to use the HP recovery disk to return your system to perfect condition and our other helpful computer articles specific to HP PCs.

HP Recovery Disks
Learn how to create recovery CDs from the partition on your hard drive.
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HP Computer Crashes
Order HP Recovery Disks
Windows 7 HP Recovery
HP Blank Screen With Blinking Cursor
HP Laptop Will Not Boot
No Sound On HP Computer
HP Monitor Is Blank
Download HP Drivers
Windows Vista HP Recovery
HP Will Not Boot
HP Power Supply Problem
Create An HP Recovery Disk

You can also find help in our tech chat room and in out free forums. When posting problems about your HP computer, be sure to list as much information as you can, such as the model of the computer, the Operating System, and any error codes your HP might be producing. These error codes might be int he form of beeps, codes on the screen or lights on the front or back of your HP computer.


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