HP System Recovery in Windows 7

There are several methods to perform an HP System Recovery in Windows 7. A system recovery is the process of reverting the computer back to factory condition. This is desirable if the computer has a lot of viruses, is crashing frequently or if it has begun to run sluggishly. Performing a system recovery in Windows 7 will remove all of your personal data, so before you begin, you should backup your documents, pictures, favorites and anything else you do not want to lose. Once you’re ready, use one of the methods below to restore your HP computer.

Start HP System Recovery From Within Windows

If your computer is booting normally, the quickest and easiest way to do a system recovery for your HP is right within Windows 7. To begin the process, click the Start button, then select All Programs>Recovery Manager and then click Recovery Manager from the menu. Be sure to disconnect any external devices, such as printers, cameras and extra hard drives as these could interfere with the recovery process.

In the I Need Help Immediately section, choose System Recovery. When asked if you want to revert your HP back to factory condition, select Yes and then click Next.

hp system recovery in windows 7

The computer will restart. If you still have the system recovery partition on the hard drive, it should reboot to a screen similar to the one you were at before restarting your computer. Click the System Recovery option from the I Need Help Immediately section and then choose if you want to backup any data before beginning. If you already have backups, you can just click Next. If you see any warning messages, just click through them.

hp system recovery

The system recovery process begins at this point. It will reinstall the factory image from the recovery partition on your hard drive.  Once the factory restore is complete, click finish to restart the computer.

Start The HP System Recovery From The Boot Screen

You can also initiate  HP System Recovery in Windows 7 by tapping the F11 key when first booting the machine. You will see the Recovery Manager. Follow the steps from above to restore your computer.

Perform HP System Recovery Using Recovery Disks

You should take the time to create a set of recovery disks. You can do this from the Recovery Manager. If you choose to make the disks, you should use DVDs if possible, as this will require less disks. If you have the disks made and want to use them to perform the system recovery on your HP computer, simply insert the first disk into the drive and reboot the computer. Again, make sure all external devices are unplugged with the exception of the keyboard, mouse and video monitor. The Recovery Manager will launch automatically.

Select Factory Restore from your options, then click Yes on the screen that follows, then click Next. Click through the backup options and any warnings that appear. You will be asked to insert the various DVDs or CDs you have during the recovery process. When you see the message  “Restoration Complete,” click Finish and restart your computer.

Reinstall Updates After System Recovery

The final step in restoring your HP computer in Windows 7 is to reinstall your old data and any security patches and updates from Microsoft. Visit Microsoft Update to download whatever patches you might be missing. You can then reinstall the driver software for your printer and any other USB devices you have. Once the driver software is installed, plug in those USB devices and they will be ready for use.

You should also consider looking up the model of your HP computer and reading the manual for specifics, as these instructions may vary from model to model.


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