HP Will Not Boot Issues And How To Fix

HP Will Not Boot

HP Will Not BootIf your HP will not boot, there could be numerous reasons. We will run you through several troubleshooting tips specific to HP computers and other computers. HP and Dell will often have special diagnostic lights. Some will not, however, and you will need to take steps to reset hardware and perform a process of elimination to find the source of the problem. Generally, hardware problems will manifest in the form of the computer not powering up, making unusual beeps or strange sounds from the hard drive. Fans might not spin, or there might be a blinking power button. Software issues, howere, can cause your PC to want to boot into Safe Mode, constantly restart or give the traditional Blue Screen of Death.

Reset HP BIOS If HP Will Not Boot

The first thing you should do if your HP will not boot and you suspect a hardware issue is to unplug all external devices, including printers, hard drives, thumb drives, etc. If the problem persists, you will want to make sure the BIOS didn’t get configured wrong accidentally. If you can get to a start-up screen, tap the F10 button to get to the BIOS setup screen. Depending on your model, that might be a different function key. Try pressing F9 when in the BIOS settings to reset it. If that doesn’t work, you can usually scroll through the menus until you find the BIOS reset option. Once you do that, press F10 to save and exit. Hopefully, your PC will boot without further issues. If it does not, you may have an issue with the hard drive. Go back into the BIOS and look under TOOLS for the hard drive diagnostic test. If it produces any errors, contact HP for a replacement.

No Power To HP Computer

Your HP computer may demonstrate no power or partial power, with some lights and fans working while others do not. Or the computer might be completely dead. Most newer HP computers will have an LED on the back. Whether or not this light is on, unplug the power from the back of the computer and hold the front power button for twenty seconds to drain any stored power in the motherboard’s capacitors. Plug the computer back in and try powering it back on. If the LED light is solid, but you still have no power, open the case and see if the motherboard LED is green. If the LED is out, the power supply is probably bad. If the LED is on, the motherboard is probably the culprit.

But you still should not rule out any internal components. Before replacing the motherboard, remove and re-seat the RAM if your HP will not boot.

Reset To Factory Condition If HP Will Not Boot

If you ultimately suspect your computer’s problems are software related, you can try booting into Safe Mode by tapping the F8 key, then going in and removing any recently install software or drivers. This is a great option if you know you did something to cause the problem. Or you may simply choose to save time and energy by resetting your HP computer to factory defaults. Tap F10 when booting until you see the recovery menu. If your hard drive has a recovery partition, you can reset it using that method. If you have recovery disks, you may need to use them. Read more on how to recovery your HP here.

If your HP will not boot after these tips, let us know and we’ll try to help.

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  1. my hp pavilion a6667c will not boot and will not let me into bios revision: 5.30
    bios date: 9/5/08
    cpu type pentium(R) dual core e5200@2.5 ghz
    the only drive it’s reading is the cd/dvd on the 4th drive all other drives: 1;2;3;5&6. read none
    i have tried a number of times to get into pushing f10 but no go. also have tried use a different keyboard but that didn’t ether. any ideas

  2. When I turn on my computer it says disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter my computer did not come with a disk it is an hp pavilion what should I try

    1. Cathy, confirm there are no other disks or USB thumbdrives in the computer. If not, then it sounds like a dead hard drive. If you know how to get into your BIOS, look and see if your hard drive is listed there. I suspect it will not be.

  3. My computer is HP Pavilion a6300f. Recently there was hard disk failure. I replaced the hard disk. I finished all system recovery process and the computer ran normally a few times. Whenever the system updates, the computer won’t restart. First few times, if I turn on computer next day or a quite hours later it starts normally. But now it completely dead. There is no BIOS message at all. If I turn on power button, it sounds long one beeps followed by high frequency pitching sound( a couple seconds). Amber light is flashing and all fans run including CPU fan. I even changed back to old hard disk drive but every thing is same. Please help.
    Thank you very much.

    1. The long beep in your machine is an indication that the RAM of the HP machine could be faulty switch off the machine and leave it to discharge unplug the power cord and then remove the RAM memories. replace it with a good work ing one of the same PC number and of the same modules (DDR 1) of DDR2 or any that is and check it if it works properly. if it does then it was the memory. if it indicates LED power unber not green then it is the processor

  4. Hi my computer failed to start up as well. When i press the power button the lights will come on but not the screen then i get a led blinking of the caps lock button. The error message based on hp’s list means: graphics card not functioning. However, based on my investigations online i removed the bottom memory card from the slot and the computer will work. However, whenever a memory card is installed in the bottom slot (computer turned upside down) the computer works fine. Can anyone help me please?

    1. Are we talking about RAM? It’s possible you have a faulty stick. Look into dowinloading and running a program called memtest86. You will have to put this .ISO on a CD or thumb drive and then boot directly to the program. It will run tests on your memory and let you know if a stick is bad or not. If you have questions about how to do this, join our free forums and ask.

  5. My hp g56 will only boot up in safe mode when trying to boot it normally it goes past the starting up windows screen and then just goes blank with the cursor in the middle of the page it stays like that for like a minute and then it restarts and does it again

  6. HP HDX 18
    Partitioning external USB drive to reallocate disk space and machine froze.

    Restarted machine and cursor just stayed in the top left corner blinking.

    Restarted X amount of times, same result until I received “insert bootable media” message.

    Confused since I previously wasn’t even touching the system drive only the external USB.
    Opened machine, ensured hard drive seated OK – which it was.

    Quick diagnostic passed, full diagnostic – “replace hard drive”. Windows repair process reported corrupted MBR – fixed, but did not resolve the problem.

    I have never previously received any warning as to imminent hard drive failure as would be expected to be reported by the SMART during the boot process.

    Why would the drive suddenly fail? The machine itself is rarely moved although it is often left on for days/weeks at a time (it runs various virtualised web servers), but I don’t think this should be an issue for modern hard drives. The external USB drives I have are twice as old as the notebook hard drives (Seagate, Samsung) and have twice the amount of hours.

    Not a happy bunny…

    I’m not a hardware genius although I have managed to resolve previous problems with this machine (tip – do NOT ever buy HP. I have a clutch of other notebooks, some 3x older and I’ve NEVER had a fault with\ any of them. Once out of warranty, the HPs fail every other month). What I mean to ask is given the lack of warning, is this really a hard drive fault or could I be looking at a new motherboard (the machine boots OK off a Windows 7 USB stick)?



  7. I have a Hp a6300f that won’t boot up. When turning it on I get an annoying beeping sound, it goes on for a couple of seconds before it stops and does it all over again. I have tried cleaning out all of the dust out and removing the RAM’s but the beeping sound is still there. I’m not getting an amber nor any color on the LED powering button. Does this sound like it could be the mother board? Someone please help. Thanks.

  8. I have an HP hstnn-q22c and it is having an issue. Go to boot it up and all the lights on the computer come on, but the screen does not come on at all. No BIOS screen, nothing (it is not a “lit” black screen, either). The HDD indicator light does not flash so I do not think the computer is booting into windows. Defective LCD or motherboard?

  9. One of your answers said to check and see if a hard drive shows in the bios. What exactly do you look for? Thank you for your help. My computer starts to boot then goes blank and only has a blinking curser at the top of the screen.

    1. If you’re getting that far in the boot process, chances are the BIOS sees the hard drive, but there is a problem with a driver or other system file. Post your question in our free forums where other techs are available to suggest answers.

  10. my hp pro 3015 do not find dvd and hard drive so i cant boot windows system. bios only find exiting nvidia boot agent.
    system check gives error code : BIOHD-2 . new hard drive. new cabels.

  11. I am having exactly the same problem as Jonas on 18th Dec 2012. HP Pro 3015 only offers Nvidia boot agent on startup. Bios does not see any drive so I cannot use recovery from the DVD-ROM to the installed HD.
    Any suggestions please?

  12. Joachim M Dammann

    My HP Pro computer has the green power light on. The fans are working. The blue light on the power switch is. There is a yellow light next to the blue light in front that comes on for a few seconds. The mouse and keyboard are lighting up and my screen says no signal

  13. hp 21″ all in one will not boot though any device. All bios and system tests are good. hard drive, ram and CD are all good. Is this likely to be a motherboard failure?

    1. Probably not a motherboard issue since you are able to get into the BIOS and test other devices. More likely a boot drive issue. Does anything come up on the screen whhenn you try to boot? Any beeps, any error codes? Windows 7 or 10?

  14. Hi David,

    My old HP desktop model P6616f doesn't boot up.

    LED on back is solid as is on mother board. All fans are running.

    The last time this PC worked a week ago, I noticed the fan on the CPU was spinning ultra fast for an extended period of time. After it finally shut down, it never restarted. I was busy on my laptop at the time.

    I have cleared the jumper. The hard drive I felt was spinning a few days ago when I tried to boot up and the power light on the front was yellow and not blue.

    Right now when I turn on the PC, the front power light has no color. Not orange or blue but the fans spin and the led lights on the mother board and back of PC at power supply are light LED.

    The first attempt of starting the PC a few days ago, the front power light was orange. Now, stays clear. No color change.

    Also, no beeps of any kind when PC button is turned on.

    Thank you!

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