How To Repair HP Monitor Is Blank Issue With Your Computer

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If you go to power up your computer and the HP monitor is blank, there are a few steps you should take to first determine where the problem is and then how to fix it. There are several factors that can cause your monitor to be black at start-up, and the problem may have nothing to do with the monitor at all.

How To Troubleshoot If Your HP Monitor Is Blank

HP Monitor Is BlankDoes the Monitor Work on Another PC?
One of the first things to check is if the monitor works on another PC. Most newer monitors will have a self-diagnostic that will show a message if it is not receiving a signal from the computer. If you are seeing this message, then your monitor is probably fine. If the screen is black, try the monitor on another PC.

Do You Hear Any Beeps?
HP uses a Phoenix BIOS, so if you are hearing a code, check the codes here. A beep code is a way for the computer to tell you what is wrong. Often, these codes are produced because there is a hardware problem that is preventing Windows from booting. It is important to listen to the amount of beeps and compare them to the list.

Check The Cable
Seems obvious, but pets can chew or knock cables loose and leave leave the monitor with power but no physical connection to the computer. You should even check the cable for bent pins or damage to the external insulation.

Confirm The Settings
Check to make sure the monitor’s brightness settings are correct. A child or pet can sometimes accidentally change these setting and leave you in the dark.

Reset The BIOS
You can get into the BIOS without even being able to see the screen. But be careful. Press F10 when the keyboard light comes on, then wait a few seconds. Press F5 to restore default settings, then wait several seconds and hit ENTER to accept.

Monitor Is Blank Conclusion

As you can see, there are many factors that can cause a blank display. If your monitor is blank and none of these options have worked for you, please join our free forums and post your problem so our tech community can help. Or if your monitor is blank, feel free to read more on troubleshooting HP computers here.

53 thoughts on “How To Repair HP Monitor Is Blank Issue With Your Computer”

  1. Your article was very helpful, you need to expand it a bit though…

    I have been having this problem repeatedly with machines at work, the issue I am running into is that there appears to be nothing coming to the keyboard either, no Numlock light, etc… What is interesting is that if memory is removed from the board and I try to boot, the front LED flashes red and it beeps indicating a memory error.

    I will swap with another keyboard, if that doesn’t work, then I will replace memory modules. I will then swap power supplies of machine to see if that doesn’t work, if all this fails – then I will assume it is a faulty motherboard and replace that if possible.

  2. Pearline Hayward

    I replaced my monitor. when i tried playing a game that I had already been playing b4, the machine sayss that it cant read my directx, so I went into the display really looking for anything, I messed up and the monitor went blank, so I went to disconnect the battery from the motherboard and short it like i was told, it did (the monitor) come back on, but with new info that has me stumpted, then the next day when I turned the comp and monitor bak on I got a b l a n k screen again. Please help me. I am comp illiterate. and a lot of abbreviations thats used I dont know what to do with that. Please treat this as if ur talking to a child or first grader. thank u.

  3. The answer at the top of the page is ridiculous. That guy must be an HP employee. I have the same problem with my HP computer. The power comes on but the monitor is blank. No beeps, nothing. It was still under warranty so I sent it back to HP. They replaced the memory chips and sent it back to me without even testing it. It was still blank when I got it back. I sent it back to HP again, they did something to it and sent it back to me. I plugged it up and it worked but since I had already replaced it, I sat it in the corner. Today, eight months later, I am going on a trip and wanted to take the extra computer with me, I plugged in up and guess what, BLANK MONITOR! The monitor works with my every day computer, same cables etc so the problem is that HP is a piece of crap. I’ll never buy one again!

  4. my monitor goes black after 1 second when i see it for a second it says
    Monitor status
    vga input-active

    Current settings 1024×768-60hz

    recommended settings 1280×1024-60hz

    it took me numerous times opening it to get this .
    So why is it going black on me.??

    1. Could be a driver issue. Try tapping the F8 key when booting and, if possible, hit Safe Mode, if the option comes up. If you can boot to safe mode, this means there is something wrong within Windows. If you can’t, then it probably means there is a problem with your computer’s graphics adapter.

      1. I bought a hp compaq dc5750 small form factor at a yard sale. When i turned it on the screen was blue and it said power on password. So i took out the battery for 30 minutes,then put it back in. I turned my computer on and it’s doing the same thing. My computer is windows xp,and it used to belong to a school 2 years ago. It also has a dvd rom drive to. Can u plz help what else can i do.

      2. The Keyboard Nor Mouse Light Will Come On so There’s No Point In Pressing The F8 Key Or Any Other Keys For That Matter . The screen says No Source Signal. Do You Have Any Ideas Of What’s Going On ?

        1. Unplug the machine. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Plug it back in. If the machine still doesn’t power up it sounds like you might have a bad motherboard. Any beeping from the computer? Any flashing lights? If so, these are diagnostic codes that could help determine your problem.

  5. My mx705 monitor powers up but all I see is the green light blinking below the screen. The screen does not come on and when I play with the monitor controls like menu, brighten, etc. NOTHING happens! Anybody ever have this problem?

  6. I have a little older version of a hp computer. Everything seems to work fine and dandy after a 30 min wait for my screen to go to my home/icon screen. My screen in those 30 mins is completely white then turns black. I have VGI signal but, still it takes 30 mins to get to my home/iconscreen any pointers?

    1. If you’re referring to it taking 30 minutes to boot to the desktop, then I think you may be experiencing problems with the hard drive. I would backup any data you want to save to be safe. Once you do that, go to Safe Mode by tapping F8 when you first boot. You should see a boot menu where Safe Mode is an option. Go to Start, then Run and type msconfig and hit OK. Under the startup tab, uncheck anything you recognize as a program that does not need to load when booting. Save and exit out of that. Next, go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools and run both a disk cleanup and then a disk defragmentor. See if that helps.

  7. Can you answer a question for me about a computer problem that I am haveing with my computer. the Monitor goes to sleep when I turn it on. Why?? Thank you
    Charles R Johnson

    1. It might not be getting a signal from the computer. This could indicate a problem with the graphics card or motherboard. If you do not see the desktop on the computer, then the computer is not outputting a signal. If you DO see the Windows desktop and the monitor still goes to sleep, then I’m not sure what’s going on. You’ll need to post on the forums for a more detailed diagnosis.

      1. I have a hp m9040n running vista home premium. The problem started when I started using my big screen for a monitor. I decided to do a factory restore and when I did pc crashed halfway through. now I get no display to monitor any monitor. I have upgraded the power and replaced graphics card with same kind still nothing. so I replaced motherboard and processor with same replacements still nothing. iv tried resetting cmos battery and using the jumpers. pc turns on but no display, monitor immediately goes to sleep. I have no idea why pc is not outputting to monitor. im no computer expert and don’t know anymore options please help. the fact that I was running my recovery discs when this happened may be contributing to the prob but i have no idea.

  8. I have an hp pavillion 2009m. My comp. Will turn on but it either goes to the hp screen saying I need to push either esc. Or f10, f9 so forth. But it wont work. It also says windows encountered a problem comminicating wth a devise connected to ur comp. This error is caused by faulty hardware such as hard drive or cd rom. Drive that is failing. Make sure all is connected then restart comp. I’ve done all that and its still not working. Then it says reboot ur system but I don’t no how. Or it will say.. one of ur disks need to be checked for consistency an unexpected error has occured. Is there anythng I can do. It won’t let me type or push any buttons. Ty

  9. I have to say this is annoying to read everything and to no end fix the problem. . . I have a HP Pavilion 7955 . . Yea i know older but still P4 . The problem is i get nothing from turning it on but power. It powers up and that’s about as far as i get. Nothing on the screen that works with every other computer. I get no beeping from the motherboard. Could this board just be dead or what??? I have even taken out the C-Mos Battery Since in some computers seems to help make things work. I Have tried other video cards and ram. I have tried everything i know.

  10. I have a hp s5704y slimline. Running Windows 7 64-bit. Two memory slots under the dvd-cd drive. I removed the original 2 and 1 GB ram. Installed Kingston 4 GB x 2 , 10500 1333 MHz memory. Giving me 8 GB. After sliding the DVD back in and fan, as I have large hands and plugging the plugs () into the DVD drive, i must have pulled from somewhere a thin blue wire cable with a very small white tip with three tiny holes in it. Where does it go. When i turn the computer on the fans run fine but, it does not beep or boot and monitor say no signal. It just keeps running and the keyboard and mouse do not light up. Can you please be of some help? Going crazy, thanks Bob

    1. What is the wire connected to? I look for the manual and see if I can figure it out. Most things are labeled in tiny white print on the motherboard and normally the wire is just long enough to plug into wherever it belongs, so that should give you a diameter to work with. Does it seem like it comes from the front power button?

      1. yes, source of the wire comes from a lot of cables under the fan up front. It looks like the white thin cable that goes into the dvd/cd rom drive that does open and close when turned on. As I worked under the dvd/cd on the memory it think it goes somewhere there I don’t have good sight but looked like three letters on the white plug like and m maybe ram? It looks like a wire that goes to a battery in a cordless phone. thanks for the tips will continue to search. Bob

  11. Ezra Kwiimba ( from zambia)

    i have an HP dx2300 micro tower desktop. The power comes on but the monitor is blank. No beeps, nothing. i tried removing the ram chip but still no beeps no display, when i open the computer the light on the motherboard lights green with or without the ram chip, the fan on the processor spins just normal. please help

  12. My hp2010i monitor has no image at all, just a white screen. I unplugged it, I disconnected the pc, reconnected and still only a white/ grayish screen. I connected another monitor to the computer and it works just fine. The computer is an HP as well, was purchases as a package a little over a year ago.

    Any ideas?

    1. Since another monitor works, we can rule out the PC as being the problem. Check the brightness / Contrast settings on the monitor and inspect the cable for damage.

  13. when i turn on my hp mini 1000 it is very slow and when it is final on all the way all i see is the background on the screen. Or sometines it says it has to check the hard disk and i let it check but still the background is all i can see….What can i do to fix it?

  14. when i turn on my hp mini 1000 it is very slow and when it is final on all the way all i see is the background on the screen. Or sometines it says it has to check the hard disk and i let it check but still the background is all i can see….What can i do to fix it

  15. Hi. I have around 10 year old HP…lol. We’ve been trying to keep it up although most people would probably just say to buy a new computer but we’ve been budgeting. Recently my monitor went blank…it actually shows up white. However the computer still boots up but I just can’t see anything on the screen and the monitor stays white. Do you think this is a monitor problem or the graphics card/motherboard? Is the graphics card/motherboard expensive to replace? The odd thing is even though I unplug the monitor it still stays on white. In the past my monitor would flash on and off every second that you could see what was on the monitor for only a few seconds then go back to black on and on and so fourth and it would get annoying. I did end up temporarily fixing that by making the computer “never go on standby” but now we have this white screen. Also recently on the back of the tower the usb port we use for the printer has malfunctioned. Does this have to do with anything?! Do you think cleaning the insides of the computer will help at all? I hope you can help and respond since while I’m somewhat computer tech savvy, I’m not at all that much! Thanks!!!

    1. It sounds like it might be the monitor. I would take the monitor to another computer and try it out. Usually a monitor will display either a black screen when disconnected or a diagnostic screen, letting the user know the monitor is functioning properly. If the monitor is okay, I really would not spend any money repairing the computer, as the repair will be close to the cost of buying a low-end new PC. Good luck.

  16. I turn it on and it says its loading files than all I get is a blue screen. Later ask me to do a recovery but it won’t except my cds. Any idea on how to save this thing before I throw it out the window. Not sure if this last virus got it…I think malware. Not sure but internet is out along with computer. Thxs

    1. The computer itself is probably fine, you just need to get a new Operating System on it. Does the machine have a recovery partition (Usually a D drive) that can be accessed by hitting like F10 or F11 when booting. I would search HP for the user manual and see if it does and how to access it. Otherwise, you might need to either buy a new OS disk or download the free Linux distro called Ubuntu–which is very similar to Windows. Join our forums for more help.

  17. This evening I had a flashing sign that I should install 4 updates to my computer which were critical so I did…this was from HP…the updates were successfully installed. Next thing I know is that my monitor screen is white. I just got a new motherboard and everything was fine …. now nothing. Help, please. I don’t have another desktop to plug the monitor into and I really need to be on the computer tomorrow. it is 4 a.m. and I am desperate. Thanks.

    1. Try rebooting into safe mode. Tap the F8 key when booting and then select Safe Mode. If you’re able to get into Safe Mode, try running System Restore to undo any changes the updates caused. Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore. Go back to a date prior to the updates. If you continue to have problems, please join our free forums for additional help.

  18. Hi, I have an hp dv4 entertainment pc running on windows 7. About a month ago my computer would bring an error screen that read “internal battery 601 needs replacement” and then it would take me to the main screen. Well I wasn’t able to replace that battery immediately then after a good month of running on the old battery, my screen died! Its completely black (no visible cursor, nothing!) So when I turn it on, It runs normally as in, I can hear the fan etc However he caps & scroll flash simultaneously 3 times, then pause for three seconds, then flash again and it just keeps repeating that pattern. There’s no beeping noise along with the flashes & also, the “touch” volume & “touch” wife areas are orange in color which means they are in lock mode and when running my finger on them, I can’t get them to turn green which is the “enabled” color. I have two rams in the back that I’ve tried switching places yet still had a black screen. I’ve also cleaned the fan area of lint and I even purchased the new battery it kept giving an error about. Despite all that, i have still have a black “dead” screen. Any suggestions?? Please help 🙁 Thank you in advance!!

    1. … An extension of my previous post under SONIA, with the hp dv4 🙂 I would also like to add that I have tried the f8 & f10 keys and it does nothing for me. I cannot go into safe mode at all.

    1. If the power buton is flashing or if there are any strange beeps, you can try looking up the manual at HP and see what the problem is. The manuals are usually pretty good if a diagnostic code is being issued by your machine. If there are no strange lights or beeps, my first thought is a bad motherboard. Take it to a local tech if it is out of warranty. Good luck.

  19. I have an HP 22inch w2207h monitor. One day we shut the computer off and when we turned it back on it never worked again after trying multiple things. The power button on the top right still lights up indicating there is some power. You can also hear from the monitor speaker a sound that is similar to that when you plug in any usb device indicating that is has connected. I borrowed another monitor and it plugged right in and worked with the same cords being used. Anyone have ideas of if there are typical problems with this monitor and if there are any parts available? thinking maybe power supply. I don’t want to take it in anywhere because it won’t be worth it in the end. Only if i can get parts under $50ish. Any tips are appreciated Thanks

  20. I have a hp desktop it is about three years old. We use a flat screen TV for monitor. I checked the cable it is attached correctly to back of TV, I have checked cable by plugging it in to my laptop and cable works my laptop picture shows up on TV, but when I plug correctly back into tower it doesn’t work. What do I do now?

  21. Hi, can you please help. I have an HP Sr5660 and The screen remains blank. I am positive it’s not the screen as on some reboots it’s come up with the HP logo and a few options to boot, reset etc in black and white. Then the screen either goes black and stay black or occasionally has a little flashing bar in top left hand corner. I’ve done the whole unplug and wait, the push f10 then F5, nothing seems to work. Considering throwing it now, but that could make things worse…there’s also no sound?.

    1. Try tapping F8 at boot, and then go into Safe Mode. If you can get into Safe Mode, try a system restore and go back to a date prior to this issue. It might be a simple graphics driver issue and this will resolve that problem.

  22. I have a hp g6 series laptop with power, wifi light is orange, caps lock light blinks every 4 seconds. 1 blink at a time. screen is black and system wont boot, what does this mean? and how can I fix the problem?

  23. he hptouchsmart 310-1125y monitor suddenly went off cannot turn on keyboard not working power to monitor not working when pressing on button could this be a faulty power cord? or something more serious

    1. Hi

      I have a hp w2207h desktop and when I try to turn it on I get this blue screen and it just freezes at that one screen. I tried to restart it that didn’t work it just went back to the blue screen. Is there a solution for this problem.

  24. I am working on a HP Touchsmart 310-1125y PC and I am having issues booting from the operating system and a Linux boot disc. System files are corrupted or damaged. The client would like an expensive program and all of his files and photos of of this computer. I have used a tool before that connected the corrupted drive (not the one I am currently working on) that connected to a laptop to retrieve the files but do not know the name of the tool. I need some ideas and the name of this tool please.

  25. I have an older HP Presario which was replaced with an HP p2-1334 using the monitor that cam with the Presario. It worked fine for a year or so but now will start to power up and then shut off. The status light will turn yellow and get brighter as it is powering up and then shuts off. I suspect there is a relay that has gone bad. After numerous attempts I can power up the monitor. Picture is fine once power is on. Please help??????

  26. I have an HP All-In-One PC. I noticed after my computer goes to sleep and comes back on, half of the screen is light (left side) and the other half (right side) is dark. What is going on there? When I reboot my computer all is fine…until it goes to sleep again and comes back on.

  27. heathermcglocklin1970

    I have the same issue with my HP All-in-one PC. Once it goes to sleep and the screen goes black, It will not come back up. I have tried replacing the batteries in my wireless mouse and keyboard but that doesnt effect anything. I have to turn the computer off and then back on to get the screen back up. Everything works fine till it goes to sleep again. Any Luck on that issue?

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