How To Repair HP Monitor Is Blank Issue With Your Computer

If you go to power up your computer and the HP monitor is blank, there are a few steps you should take to first determine where the problem is and then how to fix it. There are several factors that can cause your monitor to be black at start-up, and the problem may have nothing to do with the monitor at all.

How To Troubleshoot If Your HP Monitor Is Blank

HP Monitor Is BlankDoes the Monitor Work on Another PC?
One of the first things to check is if the monitor works on another PC. Most newer monitors will have a self-diagnostic that will show a message if it is not receiving a signal from the computer. If you are seeing this message, then your monitor is probably fine. If the screen is black, try the monitor on another PC.

Do You Hear Any Beeps?
HP uses a Phoenix BIOS, so if you are hearing a code, check the codes here. A beep code is a way for the computer to tell you what is wrong. Often, these codes are produced because there is a hardware problem that is preventing Windows from booting. It is important to listen to the amount of beeps and compare them to the list.

Check The Cable
Seems obvious, but pets can chew or knock cables loose and leave leave the monitor with power but no physical connection to the computer. You should even check the cable for bent pins or damage to the external insulation.

Confirm The Settings
Check to make sure the monitor’s brightness settings are correct. A child or pet can sometimes accidentally change these setting and leave you in the dark.

Reset The BIOS
You can get into the BIOS without even being able to see the screen. But be careful. Press F10 when the keyboard light comes on, then wait a few seconds. Press F5 to restore default settings, then wait several seconds and hit ENTER to accept.

Monitor Is Blank Conclusion

As you can see, there are many factors that can cause a blank display. If your monitor is blank and none of these options have worked for you, please join our free forums and post your problem so our tech community can help. Or if your monitor is blank, feel free to read more on troubleshooting HP computers here.


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