No Sound on HP Computer

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There could be numerous reasons why you have no sound on your HP computer. These can be either hardware or software related. If this is a new hook up, the problem could be a configuration issue, defective hardware or perhaps the speakers are plugged into the wrong port. If the sound was working and it suddenly quit, it’s most likely a software issue. The recommendations will help you get your sound working again on your HP computer.

Troubleshooting Sound On HP Computer

We first need to rule out the obvious. Try pressing the mute button on your keyboard to make sure the sound hasn’t accidentally been muted. Or you can click the Windows button, then select Control Panel. Choose Hardware and Sound, and then click Adjust Sound Volume. Again, make sure nothing is muted here and that all levels are raised.

Some monitors will have built in speakers. If you have this setup, try the volume controls directly on the monitor.

If you have “powered” speakers, meaning they need to be plugged in, confirm the plug wasn’t accidentally pulled from the wall or power strip.

Try powering down the computer and make sure the speakers are plugged into the proper port. Usually, this will be a green port on the back of the PC. To eliminate the speakers as being the problem, you can also try plugging in a set of headphones or a set of speakers you know work. If you have headphones plugged into the front of the computer, remove them to make sure they are not interfering with the functionality of the speakers.

Try playing an audio CD. Make sure the volume is turned up within the playback program, such as iTunes or Windows Media Player. If you cannot hear any sound, try going to a video website, such as YouTube and see if you can hear any sound from the video playing.

HP Sound Problems Conclusion

If you’re still having no sound on HP computer issues, try updating the driver by visiting the HP support site and downloading a new driver. You can update the driver after you download it through the control panel’s device manager. If this still doesn’t work, it’s quite possible your sound card has failed and need to be replaced. If you have integrated audio on your motherboard, you can purchase a PCI sound card and install it yourself or take it to a computer repair shop and have them look at the computer.

You can join our free forums to discuss your no sound on HP computer problems or read our other HP tutorials for additional help.

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  1. so I have cowin e7 Bluetooth headphones, and it says that they are connected so that means that sound should be coming out. but when I play a song no sound is coming out. it’s not the headphones because I connected them to my phone and sound came out, so there’s something wrong with my computer and I have no idea how to fix it

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