HP Recovery Disk

If you have a recent model HP or Compaq machine, chances are you have the ability to create an HP recovery disk. This article will address accessing and copying information that resides on a hidden partition. This preloaded recovery partition will allow you to create a set of Hp restore disks that can be used to recover all of the original software in the event of a major problem by tapping the F10 key continuously when the PC is first boots up. However, there may be times when recovery discs are needed to restore the PC. By using the HP Recovery CD-DVD Creator program, you can create a set of recovery discs to restore your PC back to its original condition.

Creating An HP Recovery Disk

HP Recovery DiskThe HP recovery disk set contains a complete set of the original operating system, drivers, and application software that shipped with the PC. The Recovery CD Creator software can be used to creat a set of recovery CDs for your computer. Because this software actually contains the Operating System, the Creator program allows only one complete set of CDs to be created. This data that will be put onto the CD is the same as the recovery CDs that you’d receive if you’d actually ordered them from HP.

How To Create An HP Recovery Disk

You’ll need a blank CD-R or blank DVD-R.

To begin, click Start, then All Programs. If you have an HP Pavilion click Hewlett-Packard and then HP PC Recovery CD Creator. If not, try clicking PC Help & Tools, then HP CD Recovery CD-DVD Creator to start the program.

You will see a welcome screen. Click the Continue button on each screen to start the disc creator. You will see how many disks are necessary to create the HP recovery disks. Label them, so you do not get confused after each burn.

The disk will burn, verify data, then eject each CD when complete. When the process is complete, you should have a working set of HP restore disks.

You will not be able to create another HP recovery disk set, so if you lose or damage these disks, you’ll need to contact HP for a replacement.

Why Create An HP Recovery Disk Set

Most people know they need to create an HP recovery disk, but quickly become complacent and never do. Although your HP comes with a recovery partition, the hard drive can fail. If you need to replace the hard drive, you will no longer have that recovery partition to re-install or repair the Operating System. This is why the HP recovery disk is essential. Create an HP recovery disk set and store them in a safe place.


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