Fix Can’t Connect To The Internet Problems

If you can’t connect to the Internet, there can be several reasons. Techniques for discovering the source of this problem can be broken down into a few distinct parts: Internet was working but now it is not, Internet never worked, removed viruses and now I can’t connect to the Internet, and finally, I reinstalled Windows and now I can’t connect to the Internet. Just because you cannot reach the Internet doesn’t necessarily mean there is a problem with your PC. There are other networking devices that can fail or simply lose their settings.

Can't Connect To The InternetThe Internet Was Working But Now It Isn’t

This is probably the most frequent scenario. One day you are surfing the web without a care in the world and the next day you cannot connect to the Internet. If you try different web pages and cannot connect to any of them, you likely probably just need to shut down the computer, unplug the router, then unplug the modem. Let everything sit for a few minutes, them slowly plug them back in reverse order, giving the modem and router a chance to cycle-up before powering on the PC. This is called Power-Cycling and will often fix whatever networking issues you are having.

Internet Never Worked

If you are setting the network up for the first time, you need to make sure your cable modem and router both have green lights with flashing activity. If you have a router, try plugging your PC directly into the modem with an Ethernet cable. By doing this, you eliminate router configuration as a possibility. If you can connect at this point, plug back into the router and make sure of the following: Make sure the router is getting an IP address from the ISP. Make sure you have Clone your PC’s Mac address checked and make sure the router is acting as a DHCP server so it can issue your computer a proper internal IP address.

Removed a Virus And Can No Longer Connect To The Internet

Frequently, you will remove a virus and and then realize you can’t connect to the Internet. This happens because viruses will attach themselves to vital computer system files that, when removed, break your network. You can try programs like WinSockXP Fix to repair it, but chances are you will need to do a repair install using a Windows Install Disk. When you boot to the disk, you will eventually get the option to perform a repair.  With the disk in the drive, go to a command line and type sfc /scannow. This will scan your system files and replace them with good ones from the install disk. If all this fails, you might be forced to do a system recovery or clean install of the Operating System.

Reinstalled Windows And Now Can’t Connect To The Internet

This usually means you do not have a driver installed for your networking adapter. If you perform a system recovery from a major brand name from dell, HP or Acer, you will probably not experience this. But if you use an upgrade disk and do a clean install of the latest version of Windows, you will then need to obtain the necessary drivers for your particular model. You will need to do this from another computer if you didn’t get the drivers in advance. Manufacturers of your PC, motherboard or network adapter will have drivers available for download.

If you still can’t connect to the Internet, be sure to join our free computer repair forum of read our other Internet tutorials.


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